Stupid buggy.

Buggy that is in my throat and chest. Stupid.

Today I was so looking forward to going to my grandparent’s house. They are going to be moving to an apartment soon, and so the beloved house that my grandpa built with his own hands – they never had a mortgage- is soon to be in someone else’s hands. We were going there to help them sort through things and enjoy each other when WHAMMO the buggy decided to come and live for a while. I’ve been telling it that I have no room for it in here. I already have a giant foot-long buggy in my belly, so it is time to move on… but did he listen? no… I am in the process of evicting him. But alas, I had to stay home today. It’s not even like I don’t feel well enough to hang out, but I can’t be around old people, and that sort of ruins the whole thing. The worst part is that I’m actually starting to feel better, and I think that probably by tomorrow (with a good night’s sleep under my belt) I’ll be right as rain. No use in feeling too bad about it. My mom asked me to make food for everyone, so I made butternut squash soup (with apples and leeks), and a curried chicken and apple salad with raisin bread (from the local bakery). I also included some biscotti and some apples from the orchard I went to last week. I sent it with Jeff this morning to give to my mom to bring. In the words of the Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.” It’s true. I’m glad I was able to be there in some way.

Today has been anything but a mopey day though, and I’m impressed. I usually can’t help but mope a bit when I’m disappointed. I’ve been just doing things I’ve wanted to do for a little while and haven’t gotten around to. Later Jeff is coming home with Thai food, and we’ll walk and have a much needed date night.

Last night I went to see Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, and Amos Lee. It was phenomenal- aside from my eyes feeling all burned out and my throat being scritchy. I was glad to see Dylan- I think a couple more years and… well, he’s getting old. He was fabulous, and his band was great. He certainly can’t sing like he used to (not that it was really singing to begin with), but he is such an individual and creative icon that he can just about get away with anything. Everyone went nuts, and I caught myself at the end of the concert shutting my eyes to hear the crowd screaming for more. That incredible sound of thousands of people joyfully hollering into the air. It was magic. He came back out and sang All Along the Watchtower. I was really surprised by how many oldies he sang. Anyway, it was great. Costello was awesome, I actually wasn’t very familiar, but I really like him. My mom was so cute next to me, she was singing along to him even when no one else was, and would straighten up in her chair and bounce a little when he sang a line she knew. Amos Lee is one of my new favorites- I think he is a gem. I was really happy to get to see him in concert- especially this one. Of course he didn’t play long enough…
You see, I just couldn’t be in a bad mood today.

I’m making “crispy nuts” which is basically soaking nuts in salt water overnight and then slow roasting them for like 12 hours. Raw nuts are ok to eat in moderation- however they are tough on your stomach (even if you don’t feel it), and by soaking and roasting them like this it helps them to be much more easily digested and all those good oils are better able to be absorbed by your body. They are also more delicious this way too. If you want to do it yourself just soak overnight with about a teaspoon or so of salt, then slow roast at like 150 degrees for about 12 hours.

My mom lent me this contraption that peels, cores, and slices an apple in about 10 seconds. It’s amazing, and now I’ll have all these apple rings through the winter. Fun. I love my dehydrator.

I’m also in the process of making cream cheese straight from raw milk, so we’ll see how that goes in a few days…

Maya has been super duper sweet all day. She is my sweetheart.


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