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Okay, this is a test… this is only a test. Due to the unfortunate length of the survey I posted yesterday, I have decided to finally educate myself a bit about the ways of LJ. So, if all goes well, I will be cutting some of the text of this post! hooray!
Here goes:
So I’ve been really into the WM3 lately.

I just learned about them on a few days ago, and it’s truly heartwrenching and frustrating. In a good way. I hope that I can make a difference in a small way.
Basically, it’s these 3 guys in West Memphis, Arkansas who were accused and convicted of brutally murdering three 8 yr old boys. But they didn’t do it. At least, I feel convinced that they didn’t.
It happened in 1993, when the modern-day witch hunts were happening. They wore black and listened to Metallica. One kid (who is on death row) had done a little reading about Wicca, and they basically built their case around it. They accused them of being Satan worshippers and that the three boys were some kind of satanic ritual killing.
Not a shred of physical evidence. No explaination of why they were suspected in the first place. Physical evidence that points to one of the boys’ stepfather.

I’m going to write a letter to the governor of Arkansas. This is utter bullshit, and I can’t stand it. SAVE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!!!
Watch the movie. Do it. Or check them out

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