Sometimes you just can’t do it all alone!

So, yesterday morning bright and early, I’m getting ready for class. The future pop-in-law comes hobbling out of his cave to greet me. He says something along the lines of “You guys aren’t gonna be around tonight, are ya?”
So I say no, but then naturally ask why, and he randomly starts talking about how hard it is to stay alive every day, and how he is planning to have this big talk with his wife about treating him better so that he doesn’t kill himself. He said quote: “She’s gonna have to learn how to be a good little wife from now on!”
I lost it. I couldn’t believe, first of all, that a freeloading alcoholic who has been selfish and exhausting would feel that way. The woman works her ass off and pays for EVERYTHING. She is also the sweetest woman. Secondly, I couldn’t believe that he was being so innappropriate. I don’t know what he wants from me. No, that’s a lie, I know, PITY.
Well, that’s the last thing I gave him this time, and I think that I made him fairly uncomfortable.
I told him he really needs to get sober to not be so depressed. And that maybe the change needs to happen in him, and not in everyone else.
I’m sick of this shit! And then, when I told Jeff about his dad’s plan, he just broke my heart and said “She should just divorce him. She deserves better.” How sad to have acclimated yourself to an idea like that. I hate this.
My mom says that Jeff and I need to start going to Alanon right away.
I think she’s probably right.
Anyhow. Enough of that.

Affirmation TIME!!!


Use this gift when you doubt your intelligence, your memory, or your ability to achieve your goals. Your situation is largely the result of how well you belnd you logical and intuitive faculties to direct your actions. Several times a day, focus with relaxed concentration on the mental image of something you would like to see come into being.

peace y’all


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