So wow.

Today I woke up with that icky, god have I slept until noon feeling, only to find out that it was 9 am. I am officially a grown-up. Nah, just kidding. But it was a relief to know that I had the whole day ahead of me to do all sorts of fun things!
I actually did so much today that I forgot to eat until just now *burp*.

It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow, and my sis and I have it soooo under control. Yay for us. We are doing a joint present, which is always nice. My mom is really into collecting interesting plates and cups and things, and she recently told me she’s really into this handmade Polish dinnerware. It’s really cool stuff actually. So Gretchen and I found her something to start off her collection. It’s called the “Cheese Lady.”
So then I started to think about what to put under her, an edible treat of course… Now one would normally assume that cheese should hide beneath her belly, but I thought differently. I thought, my mother likes chocolate truffles, so why not make her some?
Now I’ve never made truffles before, and so naturally there were some bumps in the road, however I think they turned out beautifully. We made them with chili and lime and maple. Yep. I can hardly believe it myself. And I still managed to make chorizo and veggie stuffed shells for dinner.
They turned out so pretty. They aren’t Godiva by any means, but the love that went into these babies sure makes up for it.

I was talkin to my dad about why I like to cook. I’ve found that no matter how long of a day it’s been, or how grouchy or shitty I feel, if I cook something I feel so much better. In addition to it being therapeutic (which makes sense to me because it’s immediately gratifying and takes care of a basic need) it is an art form. I get to be an artist with something that helps me to survive. I dunno how to fully explain it, but I guess you can either look at it as a chore or a way to express and sustain. I like the latter if you haven’t guessed.

So I guess I need to register for classes or something…. hehe.

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot to say that Jeff has been the sweetest boy in the whole world lately. He gives me kisses and hugs and dances wildly in the kitchen with me to Prairie Home Companion. Tonight he came home with a pair of organic wooly socks for me. My feets are soooo toasty.


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