So I’m working…

…but everyone else has a paid holiday due to President’s Day. HA. What a laugh. I guess it’s good that they are letting me work. But still, shouldn’t we celebrate holidays if we are to make them nationally recognized? I think we should.
So the situation with Jeff’s dad is better I guess. Just with me. Jeff did some energy work with me last night to help me release some of my anger. It worked. I feel much better.
Last night I was just so overwhelmed by the amount of selfish energy his dad was emitting. Ick. Two nights ago I had a craving for pecan pie. So we went to the store and bought some and offered it to his mom and dad. But then, as with every item of food we share with his dad, he scarfed most of it (I’m talking a little over half of the entire pie in less than 24 hours). So then Jeff politely asks his dad to save a piece for me, being that I bought the thing. His dad went out a bought his own pie, then sticks a note on it that says “Jeff, ask before you eat any of this, thank you”. I suppose he’s entitled. It pissed me off though. Probably more than it should have considering that I was still tender from the other morning. I just don’t know how that makes any sense. He then came out to clarify the note and said “Jeff, you can have some, but just a little piece.”
EWWWY! I just don’t get him.
He did the same thing with the lasagna that Jeff and I made. Jeff had to ask him to save me a piece the next morning because he had eaten so much of it.
Maybe, as a form of personal therapy, I could write a comic strip for myself. From an outside perspective it could be funny: The huge freeloading alcoholic dad that eats us out of house and home. I guess it’s not that funny. But it’s never hurt to channel some of my frustration into art. So yes, I will try the comic strip. Just for me to read.
I’m open to other suggestions.


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