So excited. I’m about to have some keys in my hand.

Today is the day! We’re going to the closing at 4pm. So we’re very excited. Any local people who read this who wanna come to our painting party on Thursday evening are welcome! Just let me know if you are into it! (There’s a free dinner in it for you…) I’m just so relieved that it’ll all be over in a matter of hours!! Well, I mean, I guess we have to move too. Moving is gonna be the easy part though.

This post is really just for pictures. Lots and lots of baby pictures…

Blueberries and oats. It was a win.

It was one of those 5am days with John. It’s nice though. Hard to get up, but really peaceful and slow and dark. I just knit and drink my coffee and wait for Jeff and Vera to get up.

She got sick. Her first official sickness. Feverish and coughing and made of snot… We snuggled a lot those days. She handled it well though, but was just so sad looking. She couldn’t breathe through her nose very well, so she opted to go without her pacifier for those days. I reintroduced it afterwards and she’ll have nothing to do with it! She quit it cold-turkey! I’m kinda glad for it, I don’t have to try to wean her off of it in the future. I kinda miss the little bugger though. I guess it was a comfort to me, too. Anyway, that’s mashed up food in her hair.


Feeling better.  πŸ™‚

Oh it’s so close! Time to go buy a house!


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