Snowy day

Today is a restful kind of day. We woke up to a foot of snow sitting on all the tree branches- a real winter wonderland today. Vera has been sweet and funny all morning, at one point singing "It’s a happy day, it’s a happy day…" to herself. We went out for a while, now we’re back and I thought I’d write and get some cleaning and exercising done. Later I get to bake my test batch of practically no knead sourdough bread… and I’ll make soup to go with it for dinner. Hot, fresh bread with lots of butter and a bowl of soup… that’s how this day feels. Nourishing and quiet and warm.

Sweet soul.

Two. Two years old with a bang. The other day she put on some sparkly shoes with butterflies on them (wrong feet) and this hat. She just be-bopped around the house like this and I was just so amused. What will she be like when she’s older? What outfits will she pick out? Will she have favorite colors or animals? Will she dangle from trees? Will she love twirling in flowing skirts?  I don’t know. It’s just fun, watching her.

And I’m growing, too. I can feel that uterine shelf right by my belly button now, and all below that point is pretty hard and round feeling. Most people that know me can now tell there’s a baby in the works, but I can still hide it depending on what I wear. 19 weeks now. I can’t believe I’m almost half-way there! Baby is also starting to move more and give me little kicks which just feel like firm taps from the inside. It’s so fun to feel it all again. I’m savoring this pregnancy- it goes by too fast, and at this point we don’t expect to do it again. I talk to Vera about the baby in the belly- mostly so she won’t jump on me!- and she seems like she gets it and likes it. Although today she said she had a belly baby, too. I’m sure she gets it, but when the actual baby comes out I wonder if she’ll be like "Wait, a real baby?" It’s nice that she gets to see her cousin Tuula be a big sister to baby Max. I think that will help her get used to the idea.

Yummy almond/raisin/apricot/sunflower seed bars. They were sticky and a bit hard to work with when warm (although I didn’t really mind licking my fingers), but hardened up pretty nicely. Vera loves them, and I’m happy to give them to her because all that’s sticking them together is a little honey and coconut oil. So easy and good for you!

Squash. It’s all starting to get spotty down in the root cellar, so I’m trying to find good ways to use it so it doesn’t all rot (although we’ve already lost most of our pumpkin! It was just kind of tucked away and I forgot about it… so sad). This was some roasted butternut that I pureed and mixed with turkey stock to make a corn/potato/ham chowder. It was really good.

Anyway, that’s all. I’ve got diapers to fold and yoga to do… how nice. Some days all I want is my slow, simple life. I have 4 doula clients now, one due each month from now until May. I may get a call any time now for one of them, so a slow day here and there is appreciated. I hope you all are soaking up each peaceful moment in your day.

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  1. pagangoat

    those bars look yummy:)
    lovely post, sweet pictures of Vera!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      They were yummy! I’ll perfect them and post a recipe soon. 🙂

  2. ladyfaith3

    those bars look wonderful! You look so nice little baby bump and all! I used to keep a journal just for the kids, I have gotten away from it because they keep me so busy I just write when I can in my own journal about them. I used to consider their futures in much the same way! It’s even more special to watch them with a sibling. Jabin and Jorri are best friends I love it! Tim says he thinks that our third baby is it for us, so I also savor the days and just cant wait to hold this little one!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      How sweet. I’m sure that this new baby will shape our family in a whole new way, and I can’t wait. And your girls are so sweet together- it totally encourages me!

  3. purerandomness

    Oh Vera, what a wonderful girl.
    You look amazing! I loved when I was able to feel the fundus around my belly button. That and feeling the little tap dancing kicks made everything so ‘real’! 🙂

    Oh man I’m so excited for you!

    And the sourdough bread: how was it?

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Yes! It does make it more real, especially since I didn’t hear the heartbeat or see baby until a couple of weeks ago. Every time baby moves I just smile. 🙂

      The sourdough is great! We’ve already collectively eaten half a loaf since yesterday afternoon… but it was all warm and fresh yesterday and smothered in butter. Maybe I’ll just have to expect that with the first loaf of the batch. I might post about it tomorrow for my food post and include the recipe.

  4. stupidfool

    wow, those bars look delicious!!! the snow pic is beautiful, too.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      They ARE delicious! I’ll post a recipe once I have them perfected. I’m working on another batch of almonds (I soak and dehydrate them beforehand), so I’ll try it again. I could see you making your own granola bars, for long days running from work to the gym. 🙂


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