Meet Spots. He's a four month old guinea pig that we got Vera for her birthday last week.

And this is his brother Cinnamon. Together, they are the sweetest most delightful new additions to our family.

Here's my big 6 year old girl, who I was so excited to entrust with (helping with) the care of these two new friends.

Honestly, I'm really impressed with both of the kids. They are gentle and trustworthy and so excited for the responsibility. So good. Vera made this whole list of toys that she wanted for her birthday, but I just couldn't find the romance in getting her another plastic doll… I really wanted to give her something that has substance. She also was completely surprised. I don't think she ever imagined a pet for her birthday. Oh I still remember the look on her face early that morning! Plus, these guineas are great! They are so gentle and fun. Now that they are more comfortable with all of us they jump and make fun noises when they are happy. Sweet as can be! Not only are they the perfect pet for us right now, but I felt like I wanted the kids to have some hand in raising animals and building that sensibility and compassion. We will be out on the land soon, and we'll need their help with the animals we choose to keep.

For Vera's birthday dinner she requested spaghetti with meatballs and a 3 tiered pineapple upside-down cake. Mmmhmmm. Girl knows what she wants.

I had to indulge her! Despite being very opinionated, Vera is almost always gracious about what she receives. She loved it, even though it was a bit wobbly…

Hard to believe my girl is 6 already.

Being her mama is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Her birthday also falls during a time of year when we all could use a little warmth and fun and family. Perfect timing to celebrate the bright light that my daughter carries inside of her, and to remember how grateful we all are that the universe chose her for us.


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