I’ve been away. I miss writing. I pledge to do it more in the next few months. I need the outlet. Lately my life has been flooded- in a good way- with people and events and the bustle of the summer. Our house seems almost constantly full, I’m always making a big pot of food or trying to quell the laundry/housework monster, the garden is starting to throw vegetables at me, and… I’ve been a little swept up in it all. Recently I’ve been thirsty for a little time to call my own, and writing always served to loosen that hinge just a little, allowing me some time to remember what it’s all about… I think there’s been so much on my mind that whenever I start to think about sitting down to write, the words start to overwhelm me and I can’t even begin. But, as with most of the good things in my life, it starts somewhere simple.

So for today, just a simple little peek into what makes me smile.

My daughter. Love of my life, light of my soul.
Jeff and I were talking the other day about what our lives would be like without her, and it was so crazy to us. We were giving each other startled looks and saying things like "What the hell kind of life would that be? Who wants that life? We’d probably be doing something really… dumb." I mean… life is SO GOOD with her in it.
Yellow, red, pink, round, pear-shaped, bulbous, juicy, bursting, warm, refreshing, luscious tomatoes. I love the way tomato plants smell on my skin. I love big, gluttonous slices of tomatoes. The only thing I dislike about them is that I’ve been spoiled for store bought. I’d rather wait until the next summer than bear the disappointment that is a grainy winter tomato.

Just some things that make me smile.


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