Short and sweet.

June 5th:
I love how she can curl up any way she likes. I could’ve tied a string around all four paws without effort… but she wouldn’t have been happy upon awakening.

June 6th:

June 7th:
This is the view from my work’s balcony. The Google gods have come to our town!!!

June 8th:
We finally used our new fire pit thingy. It was fabulous.

June 9th:
The garage sale was a bust. It’s ok though, we broke even (I bought a burrito). Anyway, I’ve always gotten all my stuff for free anyway, it’s how it should go back into the world. I felt weird about selling stuff in the first place. The next day we put up a free sign and got rid of most things to happy people 🙂 I did get to spend the whole day outside with my friend Annie (who was so great for keeping me company), and her two baby pups, Abby and Emma. I just love catching little tongues in pictures. They liked to pee everywhere, but they were extraordinarily cute.

June 10th:
Ginger Spice Muffins. Yummy.

June 11th:

June 12th:
Freshly brewed kombucha. KOMBUCHA!

Jeff has just made me a fabulous dinner a la Jeff. We’re gonna snug and watch some Lost cuz I’ve been kinda off lately.


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  1. kazzibee

    boy oh boy you must have to give that Maya lots of kissy kissies all the time BECAUSE SHE LOOKS TO BE MADE FOR IT! what a darlin.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Um, more than you know… more than you know…

      I, personally, would like to see more pictures of one Mr. Garyann!

  2. see_anotherside

    That Maya one is adorable, she looks so peaceful. Ohl, to be a dog!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      I know! How great would it be to just lounge and roll and eat and sleep and play and cuddle all day long?!

      How is your guinea pig?

  3. Gracie (Post author)

    If you someday get the urge, and have the meanness to pair with it… do take a picture. 😉


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