Short and sweet.

June 5th:
I love how she can curl up any way she likes. I could’ve tied a string around all four paws without effort… but she wouldn’t have been happy upon awakening.

June 6th:

June 7th:
This is the view from my work’s balcony. The Google gods have come to our town!!!

June 8th:
We finally used our new fire pit thingy. It was fabulous.

June 9th:
The garage sale was a bust. It’s ok though, we broke even (I bought a burrito). Anyway, I’ve always gotten all my stuff for free anyway, it’s how it should go back into the world. I felt weird about selling stuff in the first place. The next day we put up a free sign and got rid of most things to happy people 🙂 I did get to spend the whole day outside with my friend Annie (who was so great for keeping me company), and her two baby pups, Abby and Emma. I just love catching little tongues in pictures. They liked to pee everywhere, but they were extraordinarily cute.

June 10th:
Ginger Spice Muffins. Yummy.

June 11th:

June 12th:
Freshly brewed kombucha. KOMBUCHA!

Jeff has just made me a fabulous dinner a la Jeff. We’re gonna snug and watch some Lost cuz I’ve been kinda off lately.


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