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Separating the wheat from the chaff

I went to the bar tonight. It was nice for the most part.
I encountered two very upsetting things:
a) A girl, that I was having a very pleasant and interesting conversation with, flicked an old lonely guy off with both hands because she drunkenly decided that he was a pervert and looked “retarded”. The poor man was standing by himself, minding his own business, witnessed this atrosity and looked appauled- to which this girl replied “Yeah, you, fucker, that’s right!”. Umm, horrifying.
b) In the ladies room. Well, you know how lengthy an endevour that can be. 3 stalls, line almost out the door. Only one stall had any sort of turnover during the 10 minutes I stood in line. I finally got a turn, and when I came out the line WAS out the door. So I politely tapped on the two stalls (in which the same two girls were talking about nonsense and boys and NOT peeing) and said “There’s a line, you might want to hurry!”. Well the response I got was something along the lines of “Fuck you bitch, mind your own business!” and “We’re peeing, bitch, fuck off!”.
Lovely. Since when did it become so hard to just be kind to each other? Further, since when did we lose that healthy fear that keeps us from saying such heinous things to each other? And even further, when did we decide that it was acceptable to get drunk enough to disregard anyone’s needs but your own?
A quandry. I remember why I don’t go to the bar much. My tolerance for cruelty is shamefully low.
I’m not even angry, I’m dissapointed.


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2 thoughts on “Separating the wheat from the chaff

  1. People are jerks

    I also can not stand people who are assholes about stuff. When people act like they are the only person who matters and everyone else has to adjust to their personal problems, it makes me think that high death rates may not be such a bad thing. Everyone has to work together to get along, and I don’t understand people who act otherwise.

    It’s a good thing that there’s people like you out there who work the opposing side; trying to make things better for other people. Anyhoo, bar’s are over-rated, and don’t let asshole’s get to you.

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