I just thought about it- can’t do it on Saturday! Sunday is better, even Friday… hmmm. I don’t mind if ya’ll do it without me so long as we can just do it again! Plus it’s really just an excuse to see your place:)
Anyhoo. I am booked for Saturday, and it’s a really good thing that i remembered before it was too late.
Say hello to poopoobutt for me!


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  1. anacat

    i have her on saturday!!!

    heehee. you quite smoking again? yikes. i mean, good for you and all but it’s gotta be tough. i give you major props. i’ll try to air out the probe and not smoke too much around you. as for me, well, i’m not so prepared/ready yet. my goal is by graduation!!! what a slacker, huh?!

  2. ozonebrat

    hmmm…maybe we’ll have to do two rounds. sunday would work for me i think? but perhaps next weekend?

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Whenever! Lemme know. I’m easy.


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