This video has been making me smile all day. It’s really worth the watch.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here- but my sister and I have coined the term "scary-awesome" to describe so much of the stuff that saturates our conversations these days. You know, the "scary" conversations about big change, the collapse of the global economy, the insanity of our culture and of civilization in general, the freight train of destruction we’re all on that’s plummeting us into a… anyway. You get the idea. These conversations inevitably get paired with more "awesome" subjects like the possibility of a changed world, reconnecting to our landbase, reconnecting to our own spirituality in a way we’ve never been able to, activism, community building, etc. The scary part always seems to come first, but then the awesome will always follow. What if everything does come crashing down? What amazing opportunities do we have to rebuild and learn? Anyway. You get the point. Scary-awesome. 

This video is scary-awesome. Everyone sees the potential- and it takes some active effort (a leader, and a few strong followers) to get the movement going. Sometimes I wonder if Jeff and I are meant to be one of those first few in the movement. I see so many amazing leaders out there- perhaps we’re meant to go dance with them, or even start our own dance. I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing a lot lately, because I know that we are supposed to do SOMETHING. I mean, we’re doing things, but I feel a calling to do more, and maybe sooner than we planned. Scary-awesome, for sure.


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