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I’m home today. I’m feeling icky and i’m on an antibiotic that might give me a rash if I am exposed to too much sun. So I did all my gardening before the sun hit the beds. Only one more bed to go!
I think we’re gonna be able to make the awning over the patio like I wanted!!! I think we’re enough under budget to make the whole yard look and feel amazing.

May 9th:

May 10th:
This is what my night looked like. Anyone who’s ever had a UTI knows what I’m talking about… youch.

May 11th:
Today is my wonderful friend Katy’s birthday and the birthday of our garden!

ooh, and that handy dandy black thing in the left bottom corner? That’s our new (well, off the road “new”) fire pit! Now we don’t have to use our mini grill. So, from left to right we’ve got-
Bed #1: beets, carrots, radishes, white cabbage, red cabbage, edamame.
Bed #2 TOMATOES! All different kinds- from cherry to roma to big yellow ones, and even ones named “super fantastic.” I couldn’t resist the super fantastic tomatoes. Oh love is in that 2nd box!
Bed #3: Green beans, red and yellow bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli.
On the side of the house is a big long bed that was our entire garden last year. In that bed we’re putting different varieties of squash (zucchini, acorn, butternut), cucumbers, kohlrabi, eggplant, and serrano peppers. Towards the end of the bed it’s partial shade, so we’re planting two different salad mixes, kale, swiss chard, and spinach.
Not to mention all the herbs in pots and on the front porch, and the strawberries and raspberries. I also got lilacs for the back of the yard. Can you tell this makes me happy? I feel like total crap right now, but all I have to do is think about this stuff and I turn into a gushy… somethin.

My dad sent me this great article, which kind of explains my addiction to dirt…

Dirt: A natural antidepressant?

-taken from The Week newsmagazine

There may be such a thing as too much cleanliness, a new study suggests. After Dr. Chris Lowry of Bristol University in the U.K. inoculated some mice with a harmless type of bacteria called Mycobacteria vaccae, their serotonin levels soared, indicating an upswing in their sense of well-being. The bacteria apparently stimulates a mood-regulating part of the brain’s limbic system, Lowry says, which suggests that by exposing ourselves to certain kinds of “friendly” bacteria present in soil, people may be able to combat depression naturally. “These studies help us understand how the body communicates with the brain and why a healthy immune system is important for maintaining mental health,” Lowry tells BBC News. “They also leave us wondering if we should all spend more time playing in the dirt.”

Garden on, everyone!!

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about the power of thought. I know what happens to me when I focus on all the bad in my life- what I don’t have, what I didn’t like, what I should have done, etc. But when I think positively then more positive things happen for me.

Aside from that, not necessarily good or bad, is the sheer power of energy and thought that we don’t really pay much attention to. I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we’ve been thinking about an old friend that we haven’t talked to in a while and BAM! they’re calling you or you run into them on the street. You listen to a song on the radio, the song ends, and someone that walks in starts singing that same song! Anyway, those are silly little examples, but I really think that if someone starts to think about all the good in their life, then their life will become… well, good.

I guess I mention this because it’s good for me, it works for me, but also because I know a lot of people who want good things, but so often focus on not having the good things, and thereby reinforcing the lacking and wanting that has made them sad in the first place. I do this, we all do this, but I guess I just feel a calling to put it out there… plant a seed 🙂

My parents used to make us make up gratitude lists when we were being pouty or angry. Or they’d make us get up and go out. It’s amazing how much gratitude I really have in my life as a result.

A few years ago I was incredibly angry with my dad for a multitude of reasons. He was angry with me too, and I felt sort of doomed to be sore forever. My friend told me that I should start praying for him. She said to just say it in my head or out loud- I pray for his safety, well-being, and happiness. I tried it. I’m not a big prayer, but I stuck to the prescribed stuff. At first I practically rolled my eyes out of my head, I felt like such a fake. I was also consumed with irritation towards the situation everytime I started thinking about him. In a short time, however, I began to really mean it. I began to add things in… like, I pray for peace for him, his peace towards me, etc. I can’t explain the change that went on in me just by putting out the different energy. I really think it made a difference between us. He and I get along wonderfully, and I can really call him my friend now. He calls me every day just to say hi, and I love it.
I could really do that for a couple of people in my life right now.

Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough!



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