I stayed home again today- well, more like Jeff didn’t wake me up because he figured I should stay home again and before I knew it he was kissing me goodbye. I love that I have that kind of flexibility in my job, and I love that I have a guy who just wants me to rest and be well. He came home today with some groceries and my favorite kind of potato chips (these– if you’ve had them you know what I’m talking about). What a sweet guy. I feel really lucky to have him.

I cleaned and rested. It felt really good to just go slowly and drink tea and relax. I caught the last half of Reality Bites on tv. I fell madly in love with that movie when I was probably 11 or 12 years old, and I swear I still can’t seem to get tired of it. I realized that I am finally their age (the characters in the movie). I used to fantasize about being 23, just out of college, living on my own with friends that are more like family, falling madly in love, hanging out in a local bar with local music, just being myself and adult.

It’s just interesting to feel an old fantasy and then realize you are right in the middle of it. My mom had an experience like that once that she shared with me. She had always seen herself married with kids and 30. Then one day she realized she was 30, married, with kids. And so she just kept going. That’s such a genuine moment to have. I think we’ve all been through it- the moment when we realize that we are where we are and that time really does pass. Sort of realizing that you are on the ride.

Anyway, I will say that the only thing bad that I can see in that movie, for me, is that it makes me miss smoking. Just a note- I’ve been quit for 80 weeks. I LOVE not smoking. I’m so grateful for it.

Jan 22nd:
I got new peace art from the farmer’s market! Hooray!

Jan 23rd:
I got a bunch of yarn for myself to accompany my new Stitch ‘n Bitch book. I’m eager to make socks and hats and all sorts of things.

Jan 24th:
Ginger ale.

Jan 25th:
It’s been really sunny the past couple of days. Maya likes to sleep in it like a cat. I love to let her cook there for a while and then go bury my face in her soft fur. Like fresh laundry.


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