Rain is fun

It’s so dark and stormy out there right now, I love it. It reminds me of good books and hot tea.
Lately I’ve been disgusted with the news. There is so much going on in the world, yet the story getting the most coverage is about a 10 year old murder mystery. I suppose it’s interesting and suspensful, but I just can’t stand the idea that this is more important than everything else going on right now. So, I have a choice in front of me. I can either a)be well informed of the ins and outs of the JonBenet case or b)have no clue what’s going on beyond my back yard. I think b. I guess those aren’t my only options. So scratch that. teehee. It’s just frustrating is all.
J starts a new schedule next week. It’s sad because we won’t see each other nearly as much. He assures me that he got the best possible shifts- if he didn’t have seniority then we’d be looking at midnight shifts- but it still makes me mopey. I love waking up together everyday. I also love that he wakes up much more easily than I do, so I wonder how I’ll manage on my own. It’s very likely I’ll just end up sleeping in with him all day. I’ll have to find some drive within me to help me get up.
Anyway. That’s about the extent of the news on my end. At least for this time in the morning.


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