This week is looking busy already, and hot, but I’m determined to take it easy and slow for the sake of my comfort. I’m being sure to ask for more support where I need it, when I can identify it. I’m on-call, too, so all the more reason to rest when I need to. Thanks for all the comments the other day- they were really helpful. I think that in the end it was really less about that little situation and more about just being called to be more consistent and direct- both as a parent and in my own life. I’m overwhelmed by the idea of having to confront stuff like that, and we’ll just have to do our best. I think that means that we will have to be brave and stick up for our beliefs where necessary, but I think just as importantly it will inevitably shine a light on our own hypocrisy, and we’ll have to make a point to be able to admit our wrongs and make adjustments where we need to. 

32 weeks now. Full of baby, that’s for sure. Time’s flying. 🙂

I asked Jeff to make these bookshelves for me and he just busted them out this weekend. I love it. I’ll find some baskets that will fit for some baby stuff and some of Vera’s toys, and we’ll put some of her books out here too. Next comes the little bench seat under the window that will open on a hinge for storing blankets/whatnot, and will definitely be Maya’s favorite perch. 

Today I’m:

  • making crackers and starting bread
  • finishing up the last of my planting- and then waiting to see what of the transplants will survive it all
  • lots of general pick up & laundry (I’m going to get that out of the way first!)
  • menu planning
  • putting together more giveaway stuff
  • reading
  • yoga and weights
  • having a family walk later that will likely include ice cream…

I hope you’re all having a warm and peaceful day. 🙂


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