plans, plans, plans!

So I just got all the info for the reception place. That’s exciting. I am very happy about how everything is progressing- yet I’m calm and collected and happy (who’d have thought). I guess all that stress will come pouring down later. yippee!

Jeff’s dad is drinking again. At least he’s not hiding it from us. I just wish that Jeff wasn’t so affected. I wish I could love him good enough to ease that pain. He acts like it’s nothing. But he’s totally sad about it all. He was SO excited when his dad said he was gonna quit. Now, he’s like “Welp, nothing much is different anyway.” And I’m sad that it has to be that way for him. I’m sad that he’s the one person in his family that sees the problem. What a burden. Well, I just gotta be there, support him, the normal loving stuff. I just wish he had time to go to Alanon. But it’s not really feasable considering his schedule. I know he wants to. It would probably help.

As for me, I’m just going to worry about my stuff. I went down the “future-daughter-in-law-is-concerned-and-has-connections” road. Now my new Pop has his own contacts. If he wants to get sober, he will. All I need to do is focus on Jeff, and nurturing the relationships with other members of the family. That’s just heartbreaking though. Jackie(the other daughter-in-law) won’t leave her kids alone with him. Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t either. And how sad is that. He’s going to be the grandpa of my children (future, mind you) and I wouldn’t let him babysit. Ick.
Enough of that.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday!


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