overwhelming blessings…

I have been feeling nervous about all the upcoming changes in my life. I’m gonna be moving back home with my folks until Jeff and I get married. It’s only 9 months, but if you are updated on the past with that then ya understand. I have confidence that it will be great, I’ve grown up some, and I think(as disrespectful as it may sound)so have they. The stuff that used to be problematic doesn’t really exist anymore. I guess I just don’t see it as home anymore. It’s actually like this place that’s familiar, but I’ve worked to reinvent my idea of home. I’m also just exhausted of moving. I’ve moved a whopping 12 times since winter 3 years ago, not including this move. I cry every time I move now. I don’t know why. It’s not particularly sad or scary, just loaded with memories and stress.
I wish that I could’ve moved someplace cool a couple of those times. But no, just around A2 and ypsi. Yippee! And back to the parent’s now. It’s gonna be good, I just wish that a moldy apartment wasn’t the reason for it. It’s a blessing in disguise(as they usually are) because I could really save money- mucho important before wedding. I also get internet access, and free food. All very cool as well. I keep telling myself that it’s the only time I’ll ever be able to do this again. I’m just so used to paying bills. I’m kind of thinking about it like- I missed 7 months of life with my parents before I turned 18. So this is kind of like “make up” time. I will have lived with them 18 years officially after this. I guess that’s how long you’re supposed to live with your parents.
I’m also nervous about school full time(finally!) and cutting down on work. I’m more excited than nervous.
Well, that’s all I guess. It feels good to just spurt it out occasionally. Happy New Year everyone.


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