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On gratitude…

Lately I’ve been feeling discontent and sad. Perhaps it’s the weather, or the changes swirling around me at every moment these days. Regardless of why, I can’t stand feeling this way for too long. I don’t like thinking these things that have a tendency to corrode my vision of what I actually love and am happy about. I have been nervous about my friendships, my education, my ability to be a good partner. But I can’t control it all, so when times like this arise I find it helpful to make a gratitude list. My dad encouraged me to do this when I was feeling “pokey”. It has continued to be a good way for me to redirect my energies into a more satisfying and loving form. I encourage anyone who reads this to make a gratitude list of their own. Doesn’t matter what you put on it, it will help.

1. I am married to my best friend.
2. I have a good job.
3. My creative juices have been flowing…
4. My sister is not sick anymore.
5. Cilantro (yummy)
6. I live in a house. (a welcome break from apartments)
7. I became a member of my local food co-op.
8. The Serenity Prayer
9. Maple Syrup (liquid gold!)
10. I continue to grow and learn, and that’s undeniably a marvelous thing.


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2 thoughts on “On gratitude…

  1. Maple Syrup! I bought some last week and it made me so happy just to have it sitting in my cupboard. I can’t respond to all the stuff you said up there, but I think you make an excellent friend. hugs and love.

  2. heeeeeeyyyy!!! you’re not married to me??!!! just joshin’! i like your gratitude idea…have you seen the movie crash yet? unbelieveable stuff. that movie just bleeds the lesson of gratitude. watch it with jeff sometime, ok?
    i can’t wait to see you tonight…i hope we have a beer and a couple smokes and some good lists on napkins:)

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