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Oh you.

I’ve been thinking lots about a person I haven’t seen in a while. It’s strange because she’s in my dreams almost every night. I don’t know how to stop it, or even if I should. I’ve talked it over with Jeff, and we’ve determined that it’s okay to take back something if I feel like I should… Or rather, move forward (no take-backs in this life). We also determined that I should relax into it, let it happen for me, let the world take me where I need to go.
I know that I miss the intimacy that I had with this person. I don’t really know what I’m feeling, but what I do know is that love doesn’t go away even if you feel like it should.
Quote: “Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone. It has to made, like bread, remade all the time, made new.” (Ursula K. LeGuin)
What do we say to each other? Do we say anything?


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6 thoughts on “Oh you.

  1. Pay no attention to the man at the keyboard. He’s stupid.

    It’s because you’re a closet-gay. And you can’t take back your virginity. That’s retarded. C’mon, big guy like that and you think he can wear your clothes?

    I’m sure you’ll figure it out. You always do.

    BTW this was typed while arguing with my mother. Not that you care.
    Where were you? I brought over spices and you were not there… hope you weren’t in some horrible accident. Oh well. I have your spices still. Maybe you can claim them in the morning.

    luv ya

  2. If it is who I think it is, it seems better left alone. We tend to remember the good things more than the bad, which makes things easier I’m sure, but is inaccurate nonetheless. At least in similar situations I’ve found that I miss the type of relationship I had with the person, more than the person themself.

    If I’m wrong about who it is then nevermind, but it seems there is no reason to revive something that was terribly unhealthy when it died, with no promising signs of recovery.

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