Oh me oh my…

I don’t even know how to process what’s happened at Virginia Tech today. This is such a tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers are with them tonight. I don’t really know what to say about it.

Birthday stuff was great, Clara is hilarious and wonderful. I love her and I’m very glad she was born. mmhmm.
April 16th:

And then…

Gretchen was having contractions 6 minutes apart the whole time. I’m really excited and I hope this means labor!!! I’m gonna sleep with my phone next to my head at top volume just in case!!! GAH! BABYTIME!!!!! That’s Ben looking appalled by the growth that seems to have taken place in Gretchen’s abdominal area. Obeth is funny, he thinks it’s really cool to do the bunny ears in every photo- and I think it’s particularly endearing in this one cuz he’s kind of poking in… like he just couldn’t let one slip without them 🙂

Sleep tight everyone.


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