Ninja frog rats

My DITL is up now! It was fun to do, I think I’ll do it again sometime. Like you guys aren’t sick of seeing a bazillion pictures from me…

Anyway, I thought I would share something that happened the other morning. I was just doing my normal thing, juggling baby and phone and whatnot, when all of a sudden Dill (one of the rats) gets up on his platform and gets very still. He then leaps through the air and grabs the fly that’s been buzzing around (mid-air, mind you…) in his tiny paws and proceeds to EAT IT. I was flabbergasted. Have you ever heard of a ninja frog rat? Well, they exist. Wild. Weird. But one of the coolest things I’d seen in a while.

September 16th:
This is little John. So far he’s been fun to watch. He’s much more needy than Vera, and by the end of the day I’m lucky if I’ve done more than take care of them and maybe clean up in their path. I’m sure I’ll get better with time. It’s already improved enough so that I’m writing this with the two of them playing at my feet. Could be worse, no? I suppose it’s the hardest when I have to hold one of them (usually when Vera nurses), and the other just cries. I feel so bad when that happens, but I know I just have to do what I can. He’s a doll, and I really enjoy all the ways in which the two are different and similar. It’s also made me more aware of Vera’s personality and temperament in a way that I couldn’t see without the contrast. I’m having a good time, and it’s good to be bringing in more income.

Sept. 17th:
I made these delish mini pot pies. They were a hit. I think I’ll make lots of them (different fillings and stuff) and then freeze them for lunches.

Sept. 18th:
I love this town.

Sept. 19th:
We went for a walk and checked out the community gardens. I saw this beautiful patch of kale, and it got me thinking about what I’ve been most happy with this year in my own garden. Kale definitely tops the list this year. It was hearty and delicious (not to mention really really good for you) through the whole summer. It didn’t wilt or get bitter in the heat, and it stands up against the cold. I love it love it love it. I put it in so much! I’m going to be planting lots more of it next year. Beautiful isn’t it?

Sept. 20th:
We went to a family reunion thingy and I put Vera in this sweet lil number. I never thought I’d get all happy to put a little girl in a dress, but here I am. It’s not pink frilly stuff, that stuff gives me a headache, but little jumpers with flowers and stuff make me kinda melt.

Sept. 21st:

Sept. 22nd:
I went to a garage sale down the road and saw this great solid oak breadbox. What a find! Especially since I started making bread and we have a mouse, this is perfect so we don’t have to clutter up the fridge with everything a mouse might want (which is a lot). Also, there you can see some of our pears that we put up.

Sept. 23rd:
Breakfast. Homemade honey cake with maple yogurt and blueberries.

Sept. 24th:
Squash that I need to bake and freeze. I’ve been putting it off because, well, winter squash will just sit there and never go bad. But still, I need to do it.

Sept 25th:
I planted myself a winter herb garden in this planter. I realized that I can’t just settle for dry herbs if I can help it.

Sept. 26th:
In my peripheral. Sweet babies.

Quote of Day:
"In wildness is the preservation of the world." -Henry David Thoreau


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