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I figure I probably ought to sneak in a last-of-2009 post, considering how lame I’ve been with updating lately. It’s as good an excuse as any…

I’ve had a really really good year, all said. I have accomplished a lot, grown a lot, learned a lot. It’s been a year of plenty, for sure. I anticipate next year being more of the same, because I can’t seem to slow myself down much in that area. Life just seems to swoop me up, and somehow I manage to keep from burning out. Somehow I manage to stay mostly invigorated. I’m having so much fun.

Lately though I’ve been a little tired. Perhaps it’s the holidays. Perhaps it’s that I decided to take on more crafting this year and didn’t think about the fact that a toddler might slow me down a little. Perhaps it’s all the holiday food catching up with me. Really though, I’m pretty sure that it’s the plum-sized human growing away in my belly. It’s so strange that something so small can make me so so tired. So yes, in the next year we are anticipating a new baby, due the middle of July. TA DA!!! I’ve known for a while now, but for some reason I’ve been so much more relaxed the second time around. Almost too relaxed… I’m excited, for sure, but I find I’m far less consumed with this pregnancy than last time. Or really, I’m just thinking about it in different terms. I suppose it makes sense, last time was my first. Now I find I’m focused more on garden plans and how to manage it all while being all round and fruit-filled myself. I’m focused on Vera, and the things I want to accomplish with her to help us both prepare for a new member of the family. I’m focused on Jeff and I and soaking up some really good "us" time now that Vera is old enough to be watched for a while. I’m focused on my health and my ability to get back in shape after the birth. Anyway. We’re happy. It’s a good time for this, in a bunch of respects. 

Plus, I’m so excited for her to be a big sister. She lights up my world. I can’t imagine doubling this mama-love. Crazy.

My other baby, Maya. She’s so at home in the snow. Every winter I really see her beauty in a new way. Sweet pup.

From Christmas. She was so fun. Even though Jeff and I haven’t exactly figured out how we’re celebrating this time of year, it was fun to relax for those couple of days and watch her enjoy herself. Dress up boxes and Elmo and squeaky cow print shoes… I think she had a good time.

My crafting corner. I found myself glued here a lot with a quart jar of water and a big bowl of popcorn, crafting away. I managed to finish everything, but not to get pictures of it all (it was down to the wire, of course). I made these great plush playscapes for my nieces and nephews on J’s side, a knit doll for Tuula, reading pillows for my mom and sisters, and more… 

This is one of the reading pillows (not my idea, but I just figured out a pattern). Now I just have to make one for myself!

Cool, eh? Perfect for nursing mamas or busy students or just plain tired readers who don’t want to keep holding up the book. 🙂

I do love this time of year. It holds a certain kind of magic. Although, Jeff and I did find ourselves having some serious talks about how we want to honor it in the future- what traditions we still like and which we don’t believe in, etc. We’ve actually had to have this talk a lot, for other issues too. It’s difficult to try to raise your kids consistently when the world around you reinforces so much of what you don’t want. I would say that it’s all about balance, but that’d be too easy. Anyway, I’ll post more about it when I actually know what we’re doing about it.

That’s all I can muster- but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll regain some of my energy for writing here. 

I hope you all have some time to reflect on the last year, to make peace with it, and to welcome this new one with open arms.


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