New music is good…

I realized that part of the reason I’ve been feeling so stir crazy these past few days (aside from being indoors with a baby for the past week and a half) is that I haven’t heard nearly enough music. I’m used to listening to music at work, in the car, when I’m out, etc. But I have to learn to put it on at home more. It can get so quiet here. It can get so SO quiet here when there is no sun. I’m grateful for the sun these past few days.

Anyway, so I found a new band. New to me. Azure Ray. They are very mellow and pleasant, if not a little dark, and I like their sound. They aren’t my usual taste really, but it’s kinda hitting the spot while I type with my warm baby breathing on my chest. I really like these guys, too. Also spot-hitters.

Babies are really comforting people. Their needs are simple and easily filled with some patience. They like to be warm and cuddled and well fed. You watch them as their faces and fingers plump up. You listen to their little voices. You watch their faces feel out new emotions. They smell sweet in a way that only new life can. They remind you that life is a complete and utter miracle. My baby reminds me of all sorts of things worth remembering.

Feb 20th:
Vera likes to rock. No pun intended.

Feb 21st:
Another bloom in winter. I can’t get enough of them. I can’t wait for leaves on trees.

Feb 22nd:
Everyday she looks a little bit more earth bound. A little sturdier, a little less transparent.

Quote of the day:
“I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex.” -Oscar Wilde


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