My Weekend…

Feeling invigorated today. Well exercised over the weekend (moving dirt will get your blood pumping!), and we managed to get a lot done despite the rain. I feel much better than I did the last time I posted- everything is in better focus. I really appreciated everyone’s encouragement. It really helped. I should definitely cut myself some slack on those days I feel overwhelmed! I’ve got a lot going on.

Anyway, I took pictures of some of our weekend. 

Vera has started to "paint" with her yogurt. I don’t generally feel the need to interfere with this kind of thing that much. I figure, she can have some fun and a sensory experience, and I only deal with the clean up at the end… not the tantrum AND the clean up. Plus, when she’s in good spirits she usually "helps" to clean up, and will listen better to some of the boundaries that I set (like, "no, keep the yogurt at the table please…"). Anyway, here we are painting Mr. Squirrel with "lo-gurt".

And this is some of that "cleaning up".

Also, this hat thing is cracking me up lately. She’s started to have a preference about clothes and shoes and things- but HATS. She must have a hat, especially if we’re going outside. It was starting to get too warm for her regular winter hats, but she would freak if I didn’t get one down for her. We got this hat from my sister-in-law, and since we pulled it out it has been THE hat. She puts it on herself, always backwards and slightly to the side… 

It’s started… the disappearance of the beard. Every year when the weather gets warm, Jeff shaves off his beard… in stages. It usually goes down to some weird chops and goatee, whittling it’s way down to nothing and inspiring comments left and right. He loves this stuff. I say he can do what he likes, as long as he stays away from the dreaded "frenchy" (this is a very thin mustache that just lines the top of his lip. It gives me the creeps and I won’t look at him until it’s GONE. So scary!) Anyway, this time he’s decided to go "backwards". I guess that means the chops go first, and now he’s left with what he calls the "floating beard". Yeah.

Aside from beard news, he’s been absolutely amazing. He works so hard for us! He hauled this dirt (7 cubic yards of it) to fill the last of our raised beds and that huge flower bed we made. He’s been such a help. It was kind of amazing that it only took two days- it was a massive pile of dirt in our driveway. This pictures just the last of it. I just pushed the dirt around with a hoe when it was in the beds already, and that was quite a workout. Now that the garden is set up, it won’t be that much work in the future. Whew!

Food. We had to eat well this weekend.

This is a serious ham sandwich. Ham from our pig share, cheddar and Brie cheese, homemade mayo, sautéed mushrooms and onions, with a side of local spinach.

Banana pancakes. We topped them with peanut butter, maple syrup, homemade yogurt cheese, butter… 

Beets ready to roast. Aren’t they beautiful?

Eggs Benedict. One of my favorite things ever.

In honor of our reinstated date night, we went thrifting for games to play. I really liked Huggermugger!

We also went and got some plants for my new herb/flower garden, and some onion bulbs and seed potatoes.


Planted. Mostly. I planted chives, lavender, calendula, echinacea, yarrow, rosemary, catnip, lemon balm, tarragon, summer savory, parsley (both flat and curly leaf), and several flowers like Jacob’s ladder and bee balm, and all the pansies there. I still have to wait a couple of weeks to plant the rest of my herbs. This bed is going to be fun. Once it’s all planted and the seeds have sprouted I’ll mulch it all and it will stay largely perennial and low maintenance (except for all the weeding of maple tree babies each year!).

We got in some cabbage and lettuce, kohlrabi, and onions. Today I’ll plant more greens and some root veggies. I still have to harden off my brussels sprouts so I can plant them. Just a couple more weeks until I can plant it all!

A neighbor came by (I didn’t get to meet him!) and gave us a dozen of these beautiful speckled romaine plants. He had started too many and said he’d been watching us and hoped we could use them. Isn’t that awesome? People are so great.

Roadside find of the century. Jeff found a barrel composter. So sweet! These things are not cheap. We have a standing composter already, so we ultimately decided to give this to my sister, who was definitely in need of one and couldn’t afford it. It was a really cool find- definitely one to remember. The universe provides!

She likes to get cuddled in this basket sometimes. What can I say? I’m always a sucker for a baby in a basket.

A bunch of volunteer kale from last year that I pulled up. I’m doing something fun with it tonight.


Quote of the day:
"Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there."  ~Thomas Fuller


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