My sister…

is getting married at 4:45 this evening at the courthouse. Whoa. I haven’t really had time to process it all. I just love her so much. I think I now understand what maybe she felt when I was getting married. She really is going to form her own family and Obeth will be a part of our lives forever.
Big, heavy, juicy, life-changing stuff.
Sheesh, i’m gonna need a vacation soon.
Oh ya, Valentine’s day was good. We were completely broke so we made chocolate chunk cookies together. He was so great. I think we should cook together more often. It’s always just one or the other. Or, if we are helping each other, it’s usually kind of rushed. But that was fun. Then we watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose. I had to watch Roseanne afterwards, but it was a good movie. Anyway, it was just such a nice Valentine’s Day because we didn’t buy anything, we just hung out at home and appreciated each other. We were also doing “love dances”, which are hard to explain…
Challenge of the day:
Try making up a love dance for someone 🙂 it may be embarrassing, but hey, it could be worse.

Send me good energy today! I need it!


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