My entry for Christmas 2006

It’s been… different. I worked my ass off on Saturday- making granola, drying fruit, finishing up presents. Then WHAMO on Sunday I woke up and my throat was killing me, my lungs felt heavy, and my head felt like it may explode. If I move to much I break a sweat and feel like falling over. WHY? WHY ME? We were set to go to my mom’s parent’s that evening, we always do. It’s so nice there, it’s one of the things i look forward to the most each year. Alas, I had to stay home. Jeff went with my family and they all had a great time. They called me all evening and even put me on speaker phone. So that was nice. I was, probably partially because of the sickness, totally weepy and mopey all day.
This morning I woke up and the sickness had spread to my nose. My parents insisted I come over this morning, it was a blast.  I’m so glad I got some x-mas celebrating in. Unfortunately I’m not able to go to anything else because there are babies and old people and an aunt with a suppressed immune system.

I was so overwhelmed about this Christmas. Jeff and I seem to be the only couple, on both of our sides, who has all the family in the same state. So we were scheduled to go to 4 celebrations today. A total of 6 all together. Now I’m sitting at home alone, missing the first Christmas I can remember. I’m wondering if the powers that be are teaching me a lesson. I know that I shouldn’t have looked on this day with such dread. I really wish I were there.

Anyway. Enough of that! I know that I’m never given more than I can handle, and that everything comes together for good in the end. I won’t mope any longer!

My mom told me a story about how she and her sister and brother all had the mumps on Christmas one year. There’s a picture of them all together in their pajamas by the tree looking absolutely sad and pathetic. You always remember the Christmas that you’re sick, she told me. It happens to the best of us.

I received many lovely things so far, including a knife set, an outdoor compost bin (AHHA! SO excited about it), awesome art which i will post pictures of, a 2007 peace calendar, a twinkies cookbook (my dad is soo weird, he loves to give me kitsch), honey made by franciscan monks, and more! I am so grateful for my family and the fact that I have the privilege of spending every holiday laughing and eating and enjoying everyone. I’ll use this experience as a reminder. It seems to me that most bad things that happen are just reminders of how grateful you really are for everything. It’s all just a matter of perspective.

Art on the left (in case you weren’t sure…). The tablecloth is amazingly beautiful and hand woven. I can’t bring myself to use it on the table, but I will hang it up as a tapestry in our bedroom. Lovely. The picture to the right is Maya’s presents from my dad. She’s spoiled by him πŸ˜‰
My little sister made me these awesome earrings. I think she’s incredibly talented. She’s been talking about going to college for jewelry design etc, and I think it’d be fabulous. The monkey is really awesome. It’s little hands fit on your fingers, you pull him back like a slingshot, and weeeeeeeeeeeee! He flies through the air (he can go surprisingly far) and lets out an unsettling squeal when he hits. Yay!

And last but certainly not least, the family tee. My dad designed these and gave us all one in our respective sizes. I friggin love it. I wonder if we’ll ever be geeky enough to all wear them at the same time…

I’m also grateful to have this journal, without which I would’ve been… more bored and lonely. So thanks LJ for making me less of those bad things.

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