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I’m up, and I have a little energy, so I figured I would update a little. It’s been an intense and amazing couple of days, and I can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude sitting here in the quiet of the morning- my house a wreck, my body sore and bruised, and my baby lying in my partner’s arms in bed. I’m going to write my birth story soon, so that I don’t lose the freshness of it. I also feel lucky to say that I think it’s an important story to tell. I mean, every birth story is special and should be told, I think, but mine had some real twists and turns that I think will be valuable in the homebirth community. Anyway, I guess I’ll just write it and let you decide…
Did you know that about 50% of hospital revenues come from birth? It’s not a wonder that they came out with this then. I can’t believe the last paragraph. It’s very interesting to be on the cusp of what I see as a birthing revolution. I think some people are getting nervous.

My belly feels (and looks) like a deflated balloon. You never really hear about that part of giving birth. Thankfully I’m starting to be able to move around without feeling like my stomach is in motion. It’s such a strange feeling to be empty now. Sometimes I think I feel her move, but it’s just my imagination… or maybe an organ returning to its place. I can already see a difference though, it’s shrinking pretty quickly.

Things that I know about Vera so far: She likes to suck. A lot. Suck suck suck suck suck. She folds her hands together and even crosses her fingers- like she’s praying almost. It’s sooo cute. She has a set of lungs like you wouldn’t believe. She has Jeff’s toes. She makes sweet grunty noises and little squeaks when she’s sleeping. She is strong and loves to feel things with her hands. She will grab tight to your finger.
The beginning is so tiring but so sweet. I keep reminding myself that in a week she’ll be so different. And then two weeks. And then three. I am soaking it all in.

A couple of pictures. I think it’s hilarious how tired that we look. Even Maya looks a little sleep-deprived, and I’m sure she is. I LOVE the picture of Vera there. She is such a cutie, and I know I’m her mom and you all won’t tell me otherwise, but for real though. For two days old, I think she’s so darling.


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