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So I have what is called a “plugged duct.” Basically there is some kind of “obstruction” and my milk is having issues coming out. It actually really hurts, and yesterday it hit me hard. I felt nauseous and then had a fever for most of the day and some of last night. It sucks. It’s hard to be sick and have a baby. I feel weak, but babies want you anyway. I really really want to feel better now. I remember kind of enjoying being sick when I was a kid. Not the sick part, but I got to relax. I got to miss school, watch a movie, snuggle up in blankets. There were pleasurable elements… not so now. I just keep wishing that I can muster the energy to soothe a cranky baby. She actually hasn’t been bad at all, but I think it feels like she’s fussy. Thankfully Jeff had a day off yesterday so he was super helpful. I love him so much. He’s working today, but he told me that I shouldn’t worry about anything and that he’ll clean up after me when he gets home. So I’m not going to do anything except for rest and take care of my little girl. I really hope I can kick this without antibiotics. That would be a whole other thing to worry about…

May 13th:
The gerbera daisies that my mother-in-law gave me. I think they are just the most beautiful flowers!

May 14th:
My garden fairy. I’ll be putting her out there soon.

May 15th:
The wild geraniums I transplanted are blooming! I think that’s a good sign.

May 16th:
It’s a good thing she’s so stinkin cute. I can’t help but smile at her even through my fog. She just got a bunch of 3-6 month clothes from Jeff’s sister. This is good, she’s outgrowing most of her 0-3 month stuff. The only thing I will say is that it’s soooo girly. I mean, past the infant stage it’s almost impossible to find gender neutral stuff. So, she’s gonna be in a lot of pink by default. I am all about using what is given to us, and I’m not gonna be picky. The only ones I turned down were the things that said “Daddy’s little princess” and crap like that. I’m a snob in that way I guess. I kind of have a hard time with the girly stuff. I swore off pink by the age of 6. I will say though, some of the little girl things I have for this summer are undeniably adorable. Even the little thing she has on today. It just has a bear on the front. Below the bear says “Hello!”. Haha. Baby clothes are funny.


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