March is the month with spring!

Sleep deprivation can really change a person’s perspective… I only got about 4ish hours of staggered sleep last night. It was hard because Vera has spoiled me with solid 4 hour blocks of sleep and nursing back to sleep breaks in between. Now she’s going through this growth spurt. It seems like she can’t nurse enough, and she’s sleeping for less time (usually because she’s so hungry). This morning she was just awake for a few hours and fussy, and I felt so overwhelmed by everything. She just needed so much more from me today. But, sure enough, as soon as she napped and I could get about an hour and a half more sleep I felt WAY better. Now she’s been sleeping for like 3 hours and I’ve gotten so much done.

I think Jeff’s gotten a little loopy too. He came into the kitchen today while I was washing a pot, and he just pulled my pants down and started laughing. Nice guy, huh? I mean, aside from it being a totally silly kid-prank, he got such a kick out of it. Now I can’t stop glancing over my shoulder when he walks behind me. SO random.

I can’t complain too much though. He came home from class today and took the baby while my sister and I went for a walk. He’s really been so helpful. I’ll miss him when he goes back to work on Monday. He actually said that changing her diapers is the least he can do because he’s not able to feed her. What a guy… Anyway, in more Jeff-praiseworthy-news, I occasionally get down on myself about this new body of mine. I know that I only had her 3 weeks ago, and that things are still going to be a little loose around the edges, but it’s an adjustment none the less. Sometimes I feel low about it, and I’ll say something self-pitying or I’ll cover up something and Jeff just won’t have it. He looks me square in the eye and says “Thank you god for exactly the way I am.” and then looks at me expectantly and waits for me to repeat. I do. Then he says “I will not judge others and I will not judge myself.” and then looks to me to repeat. I do. Sometimes I get caught in my mind and I can’t get out alone. I am so grateful that he knows to help me in this way. I think everyone should say that prayer, regardless of your god-stance. Just say it. Out loud.

March 4th:
Recently we got such a kick out of this video. Then we realized that the Wonder Years was a really great show. So we downloaded all six seasons of it. Now it’s our nightly ritual to hunker down and watch one or two. This is usually how you will find us girls after a long day.

March 5th:
She fits so neatly into the crook of his arm. We’ll have to remember that when she grows.

March 6th:
Pistachios with chili and salt. Um. Yum.

Quote of the day:
“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” -Leo J. Burke


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