Making stuff and staying warm…

Our house has been getting insulated for the past two days (our walls were empty!)- and so the kids and I have been stuck in the house for the most part while the guys work. Just as well, really, as it’s been bitter cold and icy. We did go out to a friend’s for dinner and I managed to get rear-ended on the way. All is well, the kids slept right through it. But man, I’m really starting to feel bad every time I buckle my kids into the backseat… it’s just a tad insane the more I think about it. 
Anyway, today we just laid low. A friend was supposed to come over but couldn’t, and I used the opportunity to get down to some crafting. Now we’re in the countdown- and of course I’ve waited until the last minute for most things. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the last minute rush, now would it? Most of my crafting will have to be kept a secret until after the big day (there are eyes everywhere!), but I thought I could show a few things I’ve done.

Since our tree is a Solstice Tree, I was trying to think of a good tree topper. In my family growing up we always had an angel, and most recently a star. I thought about a bird, but then easily decided on a sun. That’s what the winter solstice is all about, right? Anticipating the return of the sun? Anyway, I saw these in thinking about craft ideas for my dear friend’s wedding next summer, and they mentioned using them as a tree topper. I had a bunch of those lanterns and thought it was the perfect thing for my tree. And so, armed with my coffee and a bunch of scrap fabric (and a hot glue gun, of course- thanks Chris!), I got to work.

I couldn’t really be bothered to cut circles like the tutorial instructed, I wanted it kind of sun-like anyway, so I just cut similarly sized squares and rectangles out of my scraps.

It looked awful for a while, actually. I was kind of wondering if it was going to all be a waste, if I should have done those little circles or something… but I persevered. And, as I neared the end, it all just kind of came together. Such is life, eh?

I really, really like it. It’s very "me". Tonight, a garland!

I think it will just get better as it frays slightly…

I took the cuttings from the tree and put them into two little arrangements for each of our doors. Simply tied with ribbon.

You know, it’s been strangely satisfying to do these small things for our space. I’m finding a lot of joy in rediscovering this holiday with our family in mind, and I’m loving all the beauty and creativity that’s flowing around me. We forget how gratifying it is to create something. It’s one of our gifts, as humans. If you haven’t created something recently, I heartily recommend it. Food for the soul.

Oh yes! And I made this cowl for my mama for her birthday this past weekend. I made it out of one of my old sweaters- super easy and thrifty (and I have a close to matching one now out of the scraps that I’ve been wearing for the past two days…). I managed to remember to take a picture before I took it to her party. It’s a bit more purple than the picture would allow me to show… I should probably look at my camera’s manual one of these days and actually learn how to use it, eh?

In other news, Vera went sledding for the first time. It was awesome. She joined her cousins and aunt on their hill and was thrilled

Gah! I love it!

And after:

Sweet girl. Lately she’s been such a kid to me. How did we get here!? She was just a baby a second ago… This was from this morning, she asked me to take a picture of her and her puppy, "Al".

Anyway, I hope you all are staying safe and warm.


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