Love is in my life… yes it is.

Vera’s 2nd birthday was this past Thursday! We celebrated just as a family on the day, but had a big party with both sides of the extended family yesterday. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years, but then again, it’s hard to imagine her being any different than she is now. It does go by quickly, but always just right. I guess I’ll just get to the pictures… 

So… on the subject of "terrible twos", the other day I caught Vera having a flour party in the kitchen. I had left her for literally 10 seconds. 10 seconds of a flour party can leave quite the mess. Of course, like any responsible person, I ran for my camera and snapped pictures before surveying the damage! I mean, I did take the bag of flour out of her hands first…

What’s up mama?


Oh! Some before and afters… finally. They aren’t completely finished, but it’s a vast improvement. Basically, we moved. There were boxes. Then we unpacked! Mostly… Then we decided to convert our basement into an apartment for a friend. Woohoo! But then there were so many boxes that we had to actually DO something with. And there were also toys. Toys are crazy. They are really hard to organize well, and I also think that people generally have too many. V actually plays way more with her toys now that they are organized and are fewer.

Upstairs before. Just… stuff. Ick. 

Vera’s space, before:

Yikes! It was crazy, and she could barely play in there. So the toys just ended up everywhere. So… I hatched a plan.

We purged/consolidated boxes and put them in actual storage. Then we moved almost all of the toys upstairs. Sorry about the dark picture. Anyway, it’s not perfect, and I hope to get some cubbies or something to make it even better. But, for what it is, it works beautifully. The toys stay in the same general area, and they are pretty well sorted. There’s dress ups and a mirror, kitchen/food play stuff, a little reading/rocking area, blocks and stacking toys, musical/instrument toys, a doll area, and stuffed animals. I also made a little fort out of an oversized box in the corner. It has a pillow and a blanket inside and Vera loves to hide in there.

And her room, after:

We painted and patched holes in the wall (there were SO MANY from the previous owners!). We set up the futon chair like a bed, too. We’re going to start transitioning Vera to sleeping in her room, although I’m not going to push her. We’ll start with naps and see how she does. It would be nice if she spent some of the night in there by the time baby comes. Our room is small, but we’ll make it work if she’s not ready. I hate the idea of her feeling all alone in a big room if she’s not comfortable with it yet. Anyway, I’ll put up more art and curtains and find a little rug. It should be nice for her! Also, just a few toys and books. I think this is better for a more restful place for her (and me).

I have been trying to make more time for this for myself. I dug out this old scarf that I started a couple of years ago that I knew I was never going to finish (crappy yarn, not a scarf I would likely wear), and I made it into a headbandy thing for keeping my ears warm when my hair is up. I like it, and other people ask me about it all the time. Success!

Also this weekend I threw together a "Happy Birthday" sign for V’s party. It was a very easy project, and I see myself making many more signs like this. I also made Vera a birthday crown. Both of these projects were inspired by Soulemama, who is a wealth of creativity and inspiration! Her ideas definitely get me thinking and creating more. So fun!

It was so fun, no patterns needed, and just used a bunch of scrap fabric. Everyone loved it!

Today she’s been totally into her presents- one of which was a awesome dollhouse with furniture. My friend Kate’s daughter had outgrown it, so they just passed it on to us! So sweet! We painted it and set it up and it’s a huge hit. 

We also got Vera some fish. She really wants to hold them. I say no and move them higher up… She does like them though.



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  1. prophetsong

    Aw happy birthday Vera. 2 year olds are so cool 🙂

    I’ve been having a big sort out with Z’s toys too and trying to make his room more minimalist so that’s it’s a restful place for him to sleep rather than a mishmash of sensory stimulation.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Oooh, I hope your toy purging is successful! My sister and I even talked about maybe rotating out some toys that we don’t want to get rid of, but that we feel are still cluttering. I haven’t done that yet, but I bet it’s the next step. 🙂

      1. ladyfaith3

        rotating toys worked great at my house but I decided recently we just didn’t have to space to continue storing them and I just got rid of lots! I placed structure type toys in the top of the children’s closet. Colorful wooden blocks, play dough accessories and small piece toys that can be brought out for a more supervised and organized playtime which I usually do at the table and am sure those items are kept put away when we’re done so that they don’t end up all around the house…stepping on toys or searching for pieces is just not something I enjoy anyomore! It was once funny to say “I just stepped on a cow!”(plastic farm animal set) but the thrill wore off LOL.

        1. Gracie (Post author)

          Oh yeah, stepping on misshapen plastic toys only stays fun for so long… OUCH!

  2. 93_millionmiles

    Hahaha! I love the floury face pictures.

    And making the scarf into a headband was a good choice. Very cool. 🙂

  3. purerandomness

    Oh she’s so sweet: I love her birthday crown!
    I would have to say my fave picture is the one from the flour party where she’s standing up and just giving the best look! Such a little stinker! 😀

    I love goldfish– I got my first few for my 5th birthday.

  4. pagangoat

    haha, love the floury pictures:)
    Yesterday Eilidh dumped all of my beads on the floor…but I failed to get a picture, as at the time, I wasn’t exactly pleased:/ I think the ‘terrible twos’ are coming early;)

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Yeah, I’m sort of wondering if it’s for real… V has only been two for about 5 days, and yesterday she and Tuula (her 2 year old cousin) basically caused disaster after disaster in my sister’s practically toddler-proof house… hmmm. They had a great time, though! How old is Eilidh?

      1. pagangoat

        She’s 17 months, and screams with glee while she gets into everything and does exactly the opposite of what she’s told…but I’m hoping it’s just a stage ;P (Seriously though, I don’t really expect her to listen much quite yet:)
        Where we live is anything but toddler-proof, which makes things a lot harder than they could be:/

  5. ladyfaith3

    happy birthday Vera!!!! I love the flour pic, my kids really start getting into trouble at three instead of two but I have had similar pictrues!! So this made me smile! I love the before and after pics too it look so nice!

  6. Anonymous

    ok so now i’m going to be waiting for the post when vera finally “holds” the fish. she’s gonna be such a great big sister! love the flour mess. 2 is somethin’ else! i love the birthday party pics.

    and i love the head wrap thing! you should make those and sell them on etsy! i bet you could get $25 easy for each one.

    toys do multiply…dont know how it happens. we have to get together soon with all the kids!! if you are free on a friday i’d love to come down with the boys and get together with you and gretchen and the kids!

    1. lilpeace

      I’d be free for a couple of after-nap hours (maybe 3-5ish) on a Friday. Pretty soon, if my work schedule changes, I’ll be free in the mornings, which would work better.

      1. Gracie (Post author)

        Yeah, I’d love to see you guys- especially that pudgy beautiful Lucas! I’m easy. Sometimes I have to watch my niece in the afternoons, but generally not on Fridays.

        G- when does your schedule change?

      2. Anonymous

        yes, gotta work around the naps. 2 yr olds with no naps are not pretty.

  7. pithy_epigrams

    Awe, Happy Birthday Vera! She’s so lovely.

  8. see_anotherside

    Aw, I can’t believe little Vera is two already. Great pictures. She’s beautiful.

    Also, your house looks great, and the hair-up hat is a brilliant idea! Anyway, it’s great to see a post and that everything is happy 🙂


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