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It’s been a busy week, but I’ve loved it. One of those weeks that had a steady pace- not so busy that I felt overwhelmed, but just busy enough to keep me out of my head . Although, there was one day where I was literally bouncing and patting Asa almost the entire day. Would. Not. Sleep… for more than like 10 minutes at a time. I have a wrap now, too, but I only know the front carry. I need to learn how to put him on my back if I’m going to do anything around here on days like that. Anyway, thankfully Jeff was here with me that day, so I didn’t feel totally bound by it. I spent some of the time that I was basically immobile redoing my profile page. There are chickens on it now! Jeff helped me, too, because I’m not that computer savvy. Yay Jeff! It also got me thinking about writing Asa’s birth story soon. I should do it while it’s still somewhat fresh in my mind. So that will be coming soon.

Speaking of Asa, he’s so sweet, coming into himself so much lately. He’s exiting "infant" and entering "baby"… smiley and pudgy and just generally stealing my heart. It’s going so fast, there’s a piece of me that’s sad we won’t be doing this again. But, my hands are full today, and I’m soaking up this precious time with him so little. His warm breath on my neck at night, his soft skin and baby smell… LOVE! I can tell Jeff is really warming to him lately, especially now that he’s more interactive. I think it’s a little bit more of a process for a papa to bond with a baby- he doesn’t have that cocktail of hormones or the physical bond that mamas and babies do.

Little happy bean pod!

And the past few days…

I don’t look up enough. The sky has so much to offer. I have to remember to look up every day. This day it was as if someone went through the clouds with a paint brush… so beautiful. I wish we could see more stars here. This weekend we’ll be going up north for Jeff’s cousin’s wedding and it’s something I’m really looking forward to. Stars… That and the fall colors. Plus Vera has her first gig as a flower girl… we’ll see how far down the aisle she gets!

And of course food storage is always happening.

Eggs. We were so proud of our first collected dozen. We always have eggs on hand, but we use them so frequently that we hadn’t yet gotten a full dozen together. Here they are! The carton couldn’t fully close, some of them were so big. πŸ™‚

And the ladies that made it happen:

Little Yellow

I finally have proper pictures of them all. Although it’s really hard to get good pictures of these two apart, which I realized was fine considering that they are such a pair anyway. Yvette and Mrs. White.

Miss Scarlet. Saucy lass.

Mrs. Peacock. Rules the roost, for sure. Her bumblefoot is getting better, too, without antibiotics!

Odette. I’ve posted this picture before, but I like it. Lately she’s been really into bolting for the door when we open it. She’s met the gentle scoop of my foot so many times in the past week. I’m getting pretty good at intercepting, too… Anyway, we’ve been giving them more free range time in the garden/yard. They love it, and we don’t even have to stay outside with them usually. 

I took this picture a little while ago, but I don’t think I posted it. I’m always looking around in people’s yards gleaning inspiration. This little wishing well made me happy. 

And the garden these days. It’s wild and unruly, but I’m so happy with it. That tower of green is from our luffa plants.

So weird to think that we’re closing in on October. This season is coming to a close. Soon the garden will be empty (except for garlic)… it’s going to be so weird to look out our windows and not see the sea of green we’ve grown so used to. BUT, this fall I’ll have fun building our greenhouse with Jeff and learning how to grow stuff through the winter…
I’m looking forward to the changing of seasons. I’ll have time to craft and cook and plan… there’s definitely a purpose for the dormant seasons. It’ll help me recharge for next year. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere without seasons like we have here. I hear people complain about our winters (and come February, I’m usually pretty sick of it myself), but I am really grateful for it. I’m grateful for the changes and the rhythm of it all. I love the colors of fall, the crisp cold air and all the coziness of winter, the amazing refreshing feeling that comes with spring, and the abundant fruitfulness and warmth of summer… all so good.


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