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Vera, excited to go play with her cousin this morning, took it upon herself to get "ready". She put on her hat and "cherry shoes" over her pajamas. I told her that we had to eat breakfast before we left and take care of some things, and so she decided to just hang out for a bit. She’s flipping through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance– lately she’s been loving to take our books off the shelves and pretend to read them. I love this kid. She makes me smile all the time. She’s been really affectionate lately, which I think I’ve needed. She hugs me and says "MAMA! My MAMA! … MAMA!" We laugh and tickle and read and snuggle and joke all the time. Uh, and her sweet little kisses!! I’m savoring these moments with just the two of us. This new addition will be amazing and we won’t be able to imagine life without baby #2, but until then I’m soaking up this special time with her.


This was my other girl this morning. Lately she’s been spending most of the night on her dog bed (I know because I see her when I get up to pee- usually twice a night these days), but then in the morning we find her hiding out under our bed. Sweet pup. Maybe she likes being in a cave-like place. Forgive the mess of clothes and things…

Today was the perfect spring day.

I love these kids. Tuula’s shnazzy glasses and Vera’s hands in her pockets… they just kill me.

They’re almost here! I’ve missed the leaves. It’ll just be a few days before the POP!

That’s all. Just wanted to post in the midst of all this spring business. Tomorrow Jeff and I have to work like crazy outside to get this garden going… 


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