Early winter morning… kids to bed early last night, early to rise this morning. I don’t mind. I have my coffee, popped online for a little inspiration, which was found in the form of felt garlands and crafty ornaments and this guy… I will be crafting tonight, and most nights this month. I also have to make a tree topper for our tree- I’m thinking a big felt/scrap fabric sun. We’ll see.

I’ve been feeling contemplative and quiet. I’ve just found that when I feel like writing the words just don’t feel as natural lately. I feel sort of called to listen right now- to practice being fully present, rather than feed the flurry of activity that is usually my state of mind. Being present- that really sums up my feeling. Far too often I find my head full of tasks and ideas and expectations- so much so that it inhibits my ability to be peaceful and even keeps me from being as active as I could be. If there’s ever a season for meditation, I’d say this is it. So, as a personal goal, I’m just focusing on slowing down, doing the next right thing, and staying as present as possible in my daily life. I need all the peace I can get, with these kids, with life’s drama, with my new job and Jeff’s new job and finding a rhythm with it all. Yeah.

Speaking of listening, I was trying to figure out why my plants weren’t doing better, and I realized they just simply want more light. I have these lovely big windows, and I’d been keeping them all for myself, plopping plants off to the side to just soak up what they could. So, I’ve changed my window-hoarding ways…  a before and after? Yes. 

… and after. I love my plants. I really do. I’m gonna do better by them. I’ve also got plans for some cool hanging shelves in other windows, but that will come later. I think I need to listen better to all the living things around me that need my care.

Today my brother comes home for a whole month. I’m so looking forward to it, mostly for the kids. I am also excited to hear his music again. 🙂  Vera is excited as well and keeps talking about how she wants Uncle Ben to make a "baby snowman" with her, and "da cawwot nose, and da cheeks, and da hat, …" Cute. This will be his first time home since this past spring, so he’ll be meeting Asa for the first time. I’ve got some cleaning up and work to do, then I’m picking him up from the airport this afternoon. Then we’ll have a family dinner at a favorite Chinese place. It should be an excellent day.


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