Labor update

Just to let everyone know, I’m still in labor. It has been a long day and a half, and my contractions slowed so I could get some sleep (which I actually did!). I’m am trying to stay relaxed and calm even though I am pretty tired overall. I have to remember that I gotta get my sprout outta there.
I will say that I am still very grateful that I am doing this at home. I think by this point I would’ve been bullied into a great many things just because things are progressing slower than “planned.” It takes what it takes, you know?
My midwife and doula left for a while to let me get reset and truly comfortable in my space, and so Jeff and I are gonna watch a movie and I’m gonna work on walking around the house some and working through these contractions.
Continue to send me love and peace. I need patience and trust today.


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  1. purerandomness

    Wow. You are amazing.

    Keep it up and remember that you’ll be meeting your baby very soon!!! ;-D

  2. lilpeace

    You are super woman! I am so inspired by you and I know that you will bring this baby into the world with love and grace (!how fitting!).

    Hundreds of thousands of women before you have done this and paved the way for us–you know how to birth this baby, your body knows, and the baby knows.

    And whew am I glad you’re not in a hospital, too.

    ***Sending you patience, trust, and a sense of humor***

  3. pearlstreetdiva

    regenerate gracie! you are in my thoughts every five minutes…..

    come on sprout we want to meet you and give your mama a break….

    aaahhhh its so great that this is happening YOU ARE AWESOME AND AMAZING

  4. pithy_epigrams

    Good luck Grace! Sending waves of trust and patience to you. Sometimes when I’m feeling unsure or nervous about something I either play my favorite music and zone out, or I sing.

  5. see_anotherside

    Wow. I think the way you’re going about this is great. You’re just fantastic and your baby will be too (can’t wait for pictures?) I’m sending you lots of love and positivity and strength! Hope to hear more soon.

  6. stupidfool

    WOW! it’s amazing that you’re so calm about all of this! GOOD LUCK! can’t wait for the baby!

  7. unicorntapestry

    love love love!!!
    Prayin’ for ya, darlin’.


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