La la la.

Jeff came home from work today and we were joking around. I was telling him that I had a moment today where Vera was so happy and smiley and small and warm and I thought “No! She can’t grow up! How can I stand to lose my BABY?!?” He was like “Yeah, I know.” Then I said “I never thought I’d turn into such a cliche!” He said “Me too!” and he showed me that he had bought a binder for his… drumroll… DUNGEONS & DRAGONS book. Mind you, I did not know that he was a “gamer” until AFTER the wedding. Truth be told, I would’ve married him anyway. He has boxes filled with these cards. We are big cliches. Alas.

My icon is from when Jeff dressed up as a caterpillar. He makes a GREAT caterpillar.

April 5th:
Someday she’ll have a killer mohawk…

April 6th:
Occasionally my mornings are a little lopsided. 

April 7th:
Today was so warm and amazing. I made spring lists and left the back door open all day.


Quote of the day:
“An optimist is the human personification of spring.” -Susan J. Bissonette


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