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just started:)

Uhhh, so I’ve decided to succumb to the power of livejournal. I dunno what to write. I’m sure that it will flow eventually. People that I’ve talked to about this kind of thing seem to love it. I guess I’m a little concerned about the “live” factor. I am tempted to think that it is a little self-absorbed to write personal things as if it were in a private journal, yet make it available for others to read. But here I am. So whatever. Till next time.


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  1. The cult of LJ

    yes, sometimes it can be a means for passive agressive communication, and sometimes you get sucked in and it may seem self-absorbed. But, I think of it as a good way for busy people to keep eachother updated on their lives, as well as have a personal outlet for stuff going on. All in all, not a bad thing. Also gives you the opportunity to connect with other people based on interests and common ground, which is always a plus. Look through the communities sometime…they have them for everything you could think of, and it can be a good outside support at times.

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