Just doing, day 6.

We start the day really early, and with some art.

Vera was surprised by the present that was given to her by the family of the dog we watch sometimes. I called it a "funky monkey" and then she started calling it a "fungal monkey". I did correct her, eventually.

I start the diapers washing.


I have trouble focusing or having enough energy, so we relax for the better part of the morning. Asa goes down for a little nap.

I set the timer for 10 minutes and get to work on the filthy neglected kitchen.

I set a fruit fly trap, and vow to leave the little compost collector outside in the summer, rather than on the kitchen counter. 

I start thawing some meat.


My friend Chris stops over to help out, and so we all go outside into the insane heat and try to get something done out there.

He trims the wistera and weed whacks, and I start cleaning up the yard.


My sister drops her kids off with me to babysit.


It starts to storm.


Chris and I visit for a while, and he encourages me to indulge in a piece of his homemade cheesecake. It was oh-so-good and decadent, and perfect for a rainy afternoon. I have good friends. 

Play happens.

I start yogurt.

Jeff gets home and I head out to the brewery down the street to meet a few friends. We talk for two hours about the crisis in DR Congo, and work to figure out what to do about it. We actually come up with some good ideas. I mostly feel cynical, but I know it’s worth doing.

Back home, Jeff puts Vera to bed. We go outside to finish the last of our planting.


A small harvest.

A simple dinner just for me, since they ate earlier without me.

I’m tired, and tomorrow is a big day!


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