Just doing, day 5.

I’m up early with Vera. The boys sleep for a good hour, so I putter around on the computer and have some coffee and crispy nuts with raisins.

Baby wakes up and we snuggle. Jeff goes back to bed for a little bit, until I wake him up so I can go to my yoga class.

Go with my friend Katy to yoga. It is only 10 o’clock, and it’s already humid and in the 80s. Blech. Yoga is super awesome and challenging`, and I can already tell it’s doing me a lot of good.

Home again, we send out a message to friends asking for some help getting the yard ready for Tuesday. We get a good response, and we’re expecting people after lunch. Jeff goes to the hardware store, and I start to clean up a little and fix lunch. More rice and beans, with some avocado. 

Asa did enjoy his lunch, but he was really tired.

Except he’s teething, so he won’t sleep easily. So we wrestle and wait for Jeff to get home. Finally Asa conks out, and we head outside to work.

We work for a while. I roll my eyes and feel very cynical about this box. But I eventually smile thinking about how the cardboard is going into our garden…

So much mulching. I mulch around the cherry tree.

I mix soil and compost to fill containers.


Lots and lots of planting. Jeff’s brother and family show up to help, and so my sister-in-law and I plant up the whole front yard with… lots. The pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s so hot out, we’re dripping. My sister shows up and helps with the kids. 

My lovely sister-in-law makes dinner. It’s this incredible chorizo cheesy noodle thing that seriously hits the spot. I go out and pick beans and make a raw green bean salad to go on the side. My mom shows up to help!

I cut myself.

After dinner I headed outside to water lots of things, and put away tools and things. Jeff and Asa play hide and seek. My mom is weeding like crazy.


All watered and planted. 

I marvel at the fact that this was once all grassy.


More mulching…


Water the containers.


I check out all that Jeff and his brother did. They mulched the entire garden.


I dig up a dead ugly plant.


More mulch.


I head in and wash my feet. My mom heads out, and Jeff and his dad talk for a bit.


That’s all! The rest of tonight will include more True Blood, cookies and cold milk, and bed. Sweet bed…


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