Just doing, day 3.

Morning. Jeff is already gone to work, and Vera is pretending to be a kitten. We talk about how cats clean themselves, and she takes the conversation to heart. 

Breakfast. Vera wants to earn a sticker already, so I send her outside to grab some herbs for our eggs. She grabs parsley, basil, and thyme.

Asa has a poo-splosion, and before I can get a new diaper on him, he pees on me.

I figure he’s safe for a while, so I let him air dry and admire him. Who can be mad about a little pee?

I make the bed. I’m finding I really really appreciate a made bed each day. Especially at night, when I’m getting in. Such a difference! This was not something I cared about until recently.

I fix my shirt. Flimsy strap.

Load the dishwasher, and I realize we’re out of detergent.

I take the opportunity to make some from this recipe I saw recently.

Voila! You only need 1 tablespoon per load.
I hear crazy barking outside from Maya and Geist (the dog we’re sitting over the weekend), and I see that they are barking at a corner. I know that this usually means that there is a critter back there, so I get the dogs inside, plop Asa down, and open up the door to this little outdoor cabinet. A little black kitten is inside! It sprints all around the yard aimlessly, flopping its body into the fence over and over. I try to call to it, but it’s too scared to come. I hear Vera crying because she was left inside, and so I get her. By the time we are back to looking, the kitten seems to be gone. Vera was very intrigued. 
Vera has a meltdown because I gently suggested that she might want to change into some new clothes. The ones she’s having a love affair with might just crust over soon. We compromise on new underwear.
Diapers and wipes are dry, so I bring them upstairs.

I make the dressing for the salad I’m making tonight. It is seriously yummy.


I load the kids up to go to Jeff’s brother’s house. I’m babysitting my niece and nephews for the afternoon while their parents go to a movie.

Vera is excited to play with her cousins.

Vera is in love with their Barbies, and so she and I talk about how that doll’s body is not like any real woman’s body. I’m not sure she cared, but someday she might.

I get more work done while I’m babysitting than I do in the past two days at home. I should babysit more often! They all keep each other so entertained.

He naps.

I talk to my sister-in-law for a while. We talk about family drama, gun control, new in-laws, kids, Harry Potter, pork ribs. 
We leave and get to my friend’s potluck. Make delicious salad. Eat delicious salad, plus cheeseburgers, potato salad, kimchi, and an iced tea/kombucha mix. Jeff meets us there after work and has gotten our milk share and lots of straw for this weekend. Good company, kids get sprayed down with a hose, life is good.

We get home and I see that my new bras and underwear have arrived! I am very excited about this. I don’t buy new except for these items, and the occasional pair of shoes, and I tend to wait until the old stuff is torn and awful before I go about ordering new ones. Well, I really really needed new ones. I’m excited, and the kids are excited about this package. Vera takes it upon herself to stuff Asa full of the tissue paper packaging.


They play in the box for a while, and Vera says they are going to "college".

We save the card stock packaging for painting projects.

Vera goes to bed. Asa is still teething and so we roll around in bed for a while and I read in very dim light.
He’s not sleeping, so I give him a little more Ibuprofen and we head outside. We find Jeff and we talk to the neighbors. The little boys are catching lightning bugs and the older one wants to use them for a night light. He complains that he doesn’t think they have a jar for them. I run in the house and give him a pint jar with the metal ring and a little wax paper to put on top and poke air holes through. He’s so sweet and he thanks us for his new jar. Jeff and I think it’s a great idea and plan to catch fireflies with Vera tomorrow night.
Asa finally settles. I go outside to look for the full moon, but I can’t find it yet.

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