Just doing, April 13th.

This was meant to be posted on Friday night, but Asa woke up and decided to stay up until 3am… so I didn't end up posting it. But, I figure better late than never.

This morning I just got stuck. I was just blinking, looking around my house wondering where to start. I think I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm also at a time in the month (I'm working to pay more attention to my own rhythms and cycles lately) where I need to give myself a little more space and relaxation and gentleness- and yet I don't know how to achieve that when so much depends on me. Made me think of my "Just Doing" series I did last year, and how good that was for me. It kept me in the moment- a camera in one hand, a task in front of me… I was sitting in front of my computer this morning while the kids just kind of swirled around me and I thought I might give it another try.

Asa playing in pj's in the bathroom. I think he was disassembling a pen… 

Gave V a show to help me get focused.

Bed made.

More quick clean up.

Check on seedlings and water them.

Pea shoots.

Transplants are doing well.

I find an affirmation card on the floor. It came at a good time.

Grimy floor swept, ready to mop (I never did get the chance to mop it, but Jeff found the opportunity when he got home from work and I was surprised by a much cleaner floor! Yay Jeff!).

Asa wasn't having it.

He sits on the counter with me while I figure out dinner. Smoked ham hock with black beans and frozen green beans from last summer in the crock pot.

I soak flour in milk and whey for corn pancakes to go with the beans. 

We head outside and I finish this make-shift fencing to keep the dogs off of the newly-planted straw bales.

Baby cabbage.

I check on my perennials that I didn't move to the land. Valerian.


I get eggs and feed chickens.

Time for Asa's nap. He was not pleased with me.


Asa falls asleep, Vera is quietly occupied, and I take the opportunity to sit in my "office" and relax for a minute.

Some yoga, to quiet my mind. I heart yoga. It seriously does the trick. Love love love.

Back outside with seeds.

Vera makes a "boat" and an "island" out of this big box.

I get to work prepping this bed for planting.


Asa wakes up and they both are busy at play.

I do some research and planning.

Check the strawberry plants. Only a little frost bitten.

Jeff comes home and takes the kids for a walk, and so I take the window of time to get down in the dirt. I plant another 30 cabbage, probably around 60 kohlrabi and kale, and then plant a third of a bed of arugula. Oh, and lettuce mix between all the cabbage. Phew! 

I run inside and fry up the pancakes on the griddle and dinner is just about ready when they return. Slow cooked beans and ham, savory corn pancakes, homemade ketchup, and a side of sunflower shoots.

Kids are filthy and so they get a bath and then tackle me on the couch. My personal space has been about zero lately, for whatever reason… I'm working to surrender and try to take more late night baths and ask for more shoulder rubs. 

I get a phone call from a friend about her cat. It was hit by a car. I hate cars. I really want to quit them. RIP Treyu, one of the sweetest cats ever. Soon after that phone call we discover that Skipperdee passed away as well. We aren't sure what happened, but internet research tells me he must've been ill and didn't show many signs. Apparently there's not much you can screw up with tortoises in the short time we had him, so that eases my mind. We have a funeral and bury him with the ferns. A cliche of a Friday the 13th.

Vera wants to sleep on the couch again and so I indulge her. Stories and snuggles and sunsets, while Jeff puts Asa to bed upstairs.

A crew of friends arrive to play a new game with Jeff (it's a new RPG that Jeff and a couple of friends have written). They set up out in the garage.

I take the opportunity to blissfully veg out with Greek yogurt and jammies and Netflix. This only lasts for a moment, though, until Asa wakes up to play for another 5 hours…

And so, I am bringing back these "Just Doing" posts here and there to help keep me in the moment. I also miss posting here and don't want to completely fall out of the habit. Just uploading pictures and describing my day, in whatever shape it has taken, feels easier than mustering up an essay after another long day. Feeling sore and happy, mostly. 


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