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November is a busy birthing month for the world of eljay… I must give some hearty praise to the following LJ friends.

csgraham  turns 23 today! Yippee!!!! I met him when I was seven. He was one of my bestest buds. I was the only girl at his birthday party so his mom gave me a whole bucket of confetti to throw on his head (everyone else only got a fistful). Then he moved away… er… I moved away… er, well, it still kind of remains a mystery. Now he is still one of my bestest buds, but only because he found me on livejournal after… oh, THIRTEEN years. He is one of the funniest, sweetest, most lovable people I know. Happy birthday, friend.

pearlstreetdiva  turns… 26 today I believe! (sorry if I’m wrong) I met her through my sister while they were both going to EMU- probably about 6 years ago! Wow, has it been that long? Yes, I think I was still a senior in high school. Anyway, I have a million funny memories of this woman. She is probably the most hilariously candid person I know. She is a person who really believes in what she believes in, does what she says she will, and is a super steadfast friend. She recently became a partner and a mother, and I love watching her grow with her family. I truly admire her and I really wished she lived here still because she is one of my favorites. Anyway, happy birthday to you!

kazzibee  turns… a year older than last year, tomorrow. Anyway, she is one of my favorite friends on LJ. She is awstrawyan. She cracks me up all the time. She recently fell madly in love and so she doesn’t post like she used to, which is sad… but not the falling in love part. That is happy. Basically whenever she posts I smile. I am pretty glad that she’s around. Hooray for you and make Vern cook you gobs of deliciousness tomorrow and forever!



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