Just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Oh what can I say? I’ve been busy and such… wah wah wah get on with it.

I’ve been developing a new life philosophy. I believe that method is just as important as content. For example, if I take a class on a very interesting and exciting subject but the teacher talks about their personal lives the whole time, well then… content means nothing- the teacher’s shotty method ruined everything. If I am angry at Jeff and thoroughly believe that my point is valid, but I spend the whole time talking about how he “always does this” or some crazy thing… well then I cease to be right, and I lose all of my leverage only to lose him completely with my badgering. Is this making sense? These are hypothetical situations, but I keep seeing issues like this everywhere. I hear people complaining about their lives all the time- they wish things were different and they have this idea of what their lives should look like, but then they never do anything to improve it. They just whine, which adds to the bullshit, and never fixes anything. We are all victims of this method, but some are worse than others. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or what your message might be if you don’t speak the language of your listeners. This is a very important life lesson to learn, I think.

I went to see this movie called The Business of Being Born. Great movie, I recommend it! There was a discussion session afterwards where, interestingly enough, I agreed with most everything they said- but they went about it all wrong. I can easily see how they may have turned off many potential “converts” only to because their method was thoughtless and self-righteous. I can’t think of how to explain it, my brain doesn’t seem to be working tonight, but I can say that this situation only furthered the development of my philosophy.

Can you think of a good example in your life right now?

I’m also working on not taking things personally. Not just the ‘taking things personally’ that people initially think of- but really not letting what people do or say navigate how I feel about my own life or direction. I am a huge people pleaser, and that can sometimes land me in a bit of a hard place. I plan to still be concerned with people’s needs, but not to the point where it becomes a reflection of my own self-worth. This is a good thing!

I’ve been very pleased with my progress around here, with everything really. I feel good, although I’ve been getting some heartburn (which I never got before, and damn is it uncomfortable) and it’s becoming a little weird when I bend over. Not like it hurts, but like everything is squished into a little ball right under my ribs. I think maybe it feels that way because that’s how it actually is. I also need to start watching how quickly I get out of bed. I can easily see myself pulling something in my side if I’m not careful. This baby carrying business seems to take a little finagling, but overall is nothing to complain about. People keep coming up to me and looking at me thoughtfully saying “How are you feeling?” I always say that I’m great because I’m not really sure what they are getting at. Either I’m really lucky with how comfortable this pregnancy is, or there are some seriously whiny ladies out there. Maybe both.

I got a Facebook account. Is this terribly bad? I’m not sure yet.

I think this is all I have. I will be back… with pictures, food, and a working brain. By the way, the new userpic is of my amazingly cute niece, Tuula. Oh how they grow!


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