It’s my Jeff’s birthday! Hoooray!

Jan 9th:

Jan 10th:

Jan 11th:
My family is home from Mexico! I went to visit Gretchen and Obeth and Tuula last night. It was good to see them, and Tuula changes fast! She is so much more expressive in just 2 weeks! She kept moving around and I couldn’t get a good shot of her- so this is more representative of her spunk for life.

Jan 12th:
My family… so far!

Tonight Jeff’s parents are taking us out to the Pacific Rim. It’s so dang delicious I can’t stand it. He took the day off work today, so I’m gonna make him breakfast and we’ll go to Borders so he can use all our old gift cards on books. Fun!

In other news- I finally got that book I’ve been waiting for. It’s fabulous! I’ve only been able to skim, but I’m really excited. And Lindsay- I’ll look up garlic for you! I will definitely talk more about this book later. Mostly I’m trying to finish up reading some of the birth books I’ve been slowly picking away at. I need more time to just sit and read. Maybe I’ll have too much soon, and I’ll regret saying that. haha.
I also got the last of the baby stuff I’ve needed. Some last prefolds and snappis etc. I’m pretty much all ready, I just have really random desires like putting curtains on windows and stuff- windows that I never thought needed curtains.

Quote of the day:
“Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much.” -Oscar Wilde


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