Jeff made dinner.

It was stir-fry. Yum. The other night we made salmon cakes and avocado noodly salad. YUM again. I can’t stand all the deliciousness.

I’m feeling much better now 🙂 I have nice friends! Thanks guys.

Anyway, I gave it a lot of thought, and I came to several conclusions about myself. I was going to list them, but I’m just not inspired at the moment. I will say, however, that I love myself. I am a good person and should continue to be a good friend to myself. I am far from invisible, and although I may sometimes feel neglected, I should look at it as an opportunity for some meditation and growth. Also, I can use it as a reason to reach out, get some needed support, etc.

May 28th:
Tuula bean! I want to make Tuula-bean-casserole. She’s sooo tasty.

May 29th:
I go to work hella-early, so lately I’ve been really enjoying the peacefulness of it all. I think everyone should get up before 7 on occasion, if only to see the clouds.

May 30th:
Not as profound a picture as when I took it, but whatever. The sun was VERY orange and the sky was straight-up majestic. TaDA!

May 31st:
The Katy monster is on the loose! What is to come of us!?!

 is baaaack.

I had a dream the other night that I went to the doctor’s office. They wanted to run some tests on me. I was not concerned, but I waited for a while and the doc came in with a chart. She said that they had counted the hairs on my head and I averaged about 1200 hairs per square inch. She was very concerned about me, as the 2nd highest count was only in the 500s. I woke and thought it was a very dumb and useless dream, but now, in the 90 degree heat, I’m thinking the dream doctor knew what was up. I have so much hair it’s ridiculous. I am tempted each year to shave it or something, but I would probably be murdered. It may be worth it.


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