Jeff made dinner.

It was stir-fry. Yum. The other night we made salmon cakes and avocado noodly salad. YUM again. I can’t stand all the deliciousness.

I’m feeling much better now 🙂 I have nice friends! Thanks guys.

Anyway, I gave it a lot of thought, and I came to several conclusions about myself. I was going to list them, but I’m just not inspired at the moment. I will say, however, that I love myself. I am a good person and should continue to be a good friend to myself. I am far from invisible, and although I may sometimes feel neglected, I should look at it as an opportunity for some meditation and growth. Also, I can use it as a reason to reach out, get some needed support, etc.

May 28th:
Tuula bean! I want to make Tuula-bean-casserole. She’s sooo tasty.

May 29th:
I go to work hella-early, so lately I’ve been really enjoying the peacefulness of it all. I think everyone should get up before 7 on occasion, if only to see the clouds.

May 30th:
Not as profound a picture as when I took it, but whatever. The sun was VERY orange and the sky was straight-up majestic. TaDA!

May 31st:
The Katy monster is on the loose! What is to come of us!?!

 is baaaack.

I had a dream the other night that I went to the doctor’s office. They wanted to run some tests on me. I was not concerned, but I waited for a while and the doc came in with a chart. She said that they had counted the hairs on my head and I averaged about 1200 hairs per square inch. She was very concerned about me, as the 2nd highest count was only in the 500s. I woke and thought it was a very dumb and useless dream, but now, in the 90 degree heat, I’m thinking the dream doctor knew what was up. I have so much hair it’s ridiculous. I am tempted each year to shave it or something, but I would probably be murdered. It may be worth it.


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  1. purerandomness

    You make me hungry with all that talk of food… mmm salmon and avocado

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      mmm and baby… delicious baby.

  2. lilpeace

    For real. How do you come up with those food ideas? I read your entries or look at your food photos, and suddenly everything I thought was good in my kitchen looks really boring. Doh!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      What’s funny is, the salmon cake night, I was moping around the house with my shoulders slumped saying “There’s nothing to EAT!”. If you look, it is there. I make the best stuff when I’m forced to be creative. So just don’t go for the obvious. Experiment. Have some fun! I’ll give you my super duper salmon cake recipe too… they were sooo good.


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