I’ve felt so busy…

and yet, whenever I get a moment to sit down and reflect, I can’t seem to remember what to say.
Work is shitty lately, and I doubt I’ll be there much longer. Sad really, but I think the time to move on is nearing. I won’t jump the gun, I just feel that i’m getting signs that I should pay attention to. Regardless- it has, and continues to be, a very good experience for me.
Jeff and I bought all our baby plants today, and most of the seeds we’ll need. Tomorrow we plant! Hooray. I love this time of year. It was 85 degrees outside today! A little hard to get used to, but my weekly walk with Rose was warm and breezy.
I… am just tired. Pictures, and then I think I’ll snuggle with my love and watch Firefly.

May 6th:
Jeff and Harlowe share a morning strawberry milkshake. They be silly boys. I like em.

May 7th:
We started to change the sheets, but this is what happens when you have a Maya and a Jeff.

May 8th:
My babies…

G’night. Yawn. Maybe I’ll have a decent entry sometime soon…


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