it’s my lover’s birthday….

And I swear I’m more excited than he is. I just am overwhelmed with how grateful I am that he’s born. I just love him so MUCH!!!
Ok, that’s over, phew! Sometimes the mushy disgusting stuff just creeps up on you and you’ve gotta let it spurt. Gross. Anyhow, life is interesting as usual. I have been feeling great about the start of school, except not that great about the $400 it cost to get the fucking books. Yeah. One book cost $120. It’s criminal and I think there should be a better way.
I found out my aunt is dying. She’s got pancreatic cancer, and it’s a form that leaves little hope for those affected. Of the 29,000 that are diagnosed each year, only 100 live to see the next 12 months. So… my thoughts? I don’t know. I am sad about it. I love her. But I’m not crying, or really broken. I’m in “survival mode”. I think I need to be ok for the 2 little girls that she’s leaving behind and her husband who’s loosing her before they grow old like he’d planned. She’s 49. That’s how old my mom is. Well, for those of you that pray, do me a favor and pray for this one.


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