It’s HOLIDAY time!!!

Happy holidays y’all. I’m feeling cheery, mainly because I’ve invested some time and effort in some of my presents- so I’m really excited to give them. YAY!
Well, I’ve been thinking more and more about this friend. And I know what to do now! (it always just takes time) So I realized that it would be silly to “not be friends anymore”, because we are friends! The problem lies in abuse that’s happened, flaws in both of our characters that have perpetuated this crap, etc. So I think that the solution is to love her still, but to love myself first for a while. I’ve neglected my needs as far as this friendship goes. I can’t let some of this crap happen anymore. It’s true about the card I pulled yesterday. The relationships you make are a reflection of what you need, or what you’re lacking, or what you need to change. So this one is important, even if it’s tiring. Things can change, at least in me, for the better. So that’s what’s gonna happen.
My motto for the day “Quit complaining”


Use this gift it seems that you are not being accepted for any reason, but especially if it is because you are different from other people or because you want to be different. You do not need the acceptance of ignorant or intollerant people. You cannot change anyone else. What you need is to love and accept yourself for being a good person.


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